100% All American!










100% All American!
Where the 4th of July is not just one day a year, celebrate America every day!”
STORY & Photos BY: alyssa crouson
The All-American Grill started with a dream: a dream of red white and blue. This is where all Americans can be united as one, at least long enough to enjoy a quality burger.

A New Grill Is In Town
A new burger restaurant has opened up downtown Southport that really puts you in a patriotic mood. Ron Thompson, one of the owners of All-American Grill, once had a dream of a place made with the colors of America– an All-American Grill. He and his friends wanted to have a place together where they could give back to their community and support our troops. The All-American Grill gives off a welcoming first impression because of it’s comfortable, and refreshing patriotic vibe. The high quality cuisine makes them different from all of the other burger places around Southport.
Why open a restaurant?
Ron Thompson had a dream one night about his ideal restaurant and he knew that he had to make this idea into a reality. His dream was where everything was red, white and blue and he explained to me that some may not dream in color but he does. Almost like Ron Thompson could see what was needed in his own perspective. In his story, he repeatedly said that the dream was about patriotism and Thompson wanted to have a place where he could show what he felt and allow other Americans to feel closer as a community. Three or four days later, his wife and group of friends were informed about his exemplary vision over dinner. This friendly meetup included all of the current owners, Jacques and Beverly Hermenier, Ron, & Lois Thompson. Jacques and Lois took some convincing, but Ron Thompson was set on his idea. Later, when everyone was on board, Mr. Hermenier asked to be his business partner. This partnership was just the beginning of their speedy journey to open their restaurant..
Get to know the owners
Ron, Lois, and Thompson are all locals and have lived in the area for 25 years. Lois Thompson was actually born here, and moved back with her husband years ago. Jacques Hermenier and his wife Beverly moved here from the D.C. area in 2008. Jacques Hermenier has had 45 years of experience in the restaurant business and it shows. Their friendship was established in 2013 and they have always shared a love for the Southport community. We can all agree that the owners are all lovely, admirable and inviting people. They really bring a friendly atmosphere to their restaurant and to Southport as a whole.
Building up a restaurant
The building they are in now was originally a beauty shop, but they were able to make it into a restaurant within 5 months. A great deal of hard work and thought was put into this establishment in record time considering the size of the building. To improve their food quality they went around surveying burger places in the area to find something they can do to set themselves apart from the other restaurants. During their search they realized that most places did not make their food to order, so the group chose to emphasize their fresh food and wholesome cooking. The patties are grilled right in front of you, and all of the food is served fresh with a smile. They take pride in knowing they do not even own a microwave. At this grill being authentic and satisfying is a common goal.
Opening Night
The opening night was on May 13th, the customers loved the new place and gave great feedback. Over 460 people came in and experienced the amazing food, causing the owners to feel very overwhelmed. They enjoyed the product as much as they loved to meet some of the nicest people in town. The restaurant closed a little early their first night because the crew members were so exhausted after the awesome turnout. There was plenty of food left but they worked so hard they had no energy left to finish out the night.
Weekly hours and Prices
The grill is open six days a week: Monday through Friday they are open 11am to 7pm. On Saturdays their hours are 11am to 5pm, and they’re closed on Sundays. The food is well worth the money considering the reasonable amount given and the authentic taste. The burgers are truly enjoyable and they left me excited to go back to try more.
Overall I think this group of retirees are off to a great start, and I can’t wait to see how well they do from here on out with their “Southport dream.” They are a great addition to the Southport area. To see more about them you can visit them at 505 N Howe St or call








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