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Patriots and Pride

What: Lower Cape Fear and the War of 1812 When: Thurs., Oct. 18th through Sat., Oct. 20th Info: 457-0003 Known as america’s second war for independence, the War of 1812 helped to preserve American territories as well as our

Autumn Brews of Choice

From the first chilled breeze of September, one thing is for certain: The thought on everyone’s mind—and tastebuds—is the tantalizing flavors of autumn. From that one comfortably cool day, it’s impossible to ignore urges to sprinkle the hint of pumpkin

October 2012

Putting together this magazine has been quite the labor of love. Just a few short weeks ago my partner, Kris Beasley, and I decided we’d begin Southport Magazine. From that moment, we poured our hearts and souls into this project. We’ve

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