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February 2013

Back in September, we sat down to create our upcoming editorial calendar. Kris Beasley, Southport Magazine’s advertising representative, and I sat down with lists of events from all over our area to explore the multitude of possibilities. When we stumbled

Five financial goals for young adults

Five, four, three, two, one—Happy New Year! Ring in 2013 with resolutions that will help you strengthen your financial position and set the stage for long-term success. Here are goals young adults can set and start working toward today: Save

Brews for Dogs & Winter Beer

Blake’s love for beer and Robin’s love for dogs is apparent at Shagger Jacks, where dogs are welcome on the outside deck and have the opportunity to order Bowser Beer. Now dogs can pop two flavors of brew with their

Winter Rhythm

What: Winter Fundraiser When: Friday, January 25 Where: Playhouse 211 4320-100 Southport-Supply Rd. St. James, NC Cost: $12-15 Info: Once the cheer of the holidays has withered away, we’re left with the less glamorous cold and dreary winter months: January

Adorning Your Dog

Take away the cute factor and there are still valid reasons for clothing your canine—whether you have a Great Dane or a teacup Chihuahua. Are you ready to unleash the fashionista in your four-legged child? Today there are as many

Gilligan’s Aisle

Southport is a very dog-friendly place with a variety of outdoor activities that can be shared with man’s best friend. But sometimes the result is an itchy dog—environmental allergies, fleas, and just plain dry skin from sun, sand and ocean

Q&A with Local Veterinarians

With burning questions on our minds about how to care for our furry loved ones, we asked Dr. Alyssa Travis at River Road Animal Hospital and the vets at Southport Animal Hospital to chime in. From how much exercise pets

Into the Wild

Anyone with the luck to grow up in Southeastern North Carolina is aware of the abundant beauty nature gives to us. Even those who visit often fall in love with the splendor of our flora and fauna. The graceful swoop

Don’t Shop; Adopt!

In Brunswick County, there are thousands of homeless animals. Each and every single one of them deserves to find a safe place to sleep with a family which loves them. Here you'll find a list of adoption shelters/agencies, and a

January 2013

As we welcome you into the new year, we also welcome you to our first annual pet issue. Each January when we and our readers are worn and weary after the holidays, we promise to greet you with happy-go-lucky images

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