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Have a Staycation

For tourists, there are great options for taking a vacation in Southport. Those who enjoy afternoon teas and a chat over homemade breakfast will enjoy one of our many B&Bs, especially as they are housed in historic abodes, and all

Biz Q&A: Coastal Companion Care

It’s no small secret that Southport and surrounding areas remain sought-after locales for retirees, while many residents who grew up here choose to stay and live out their lives along the coast. As we age, and pain or disability sets

Fried Fancy

We’re taking a break from discussing finances this month to talk about a hot topic for November: frying turkeys. It’s hard to beat the speed of deep-frying a turkey—or the irresistible flavor and juiciness that result. But turkey fryers have

Put on Those Party Shoes

As the holiday season begins, social festivities abound complete with song, wonderful food and drink. Often, people prone to gout develop symptoms as a result of party activities which cause them to miss future soirées due to pain and discomfort.

No Dilemma

We all have our favorite wines to open for Thanksgiving dinner to share with family and friends.  There is no right or wrong choice if you are drinking what you like. However, there are some wines that, because of their

For the Love of ‘Cue

For many barbecue pitmasters, the list of ingredients to their prized rubs and sauces is sacred—a secret to be withheld from all but the basting brush. When prompted for the secret behind the savory meats of Oak Island’s The Bar-B-Que

Festival of Goodwill and Cheer

"Dickens made Christmas a real holiday," MacCallum asserts. "Prior to Dickens and his novels, people really didn't celebrate Christmas. He brought Christmas to the lower class, the poor people. He really is the one responsible for Christmas cards, and just

Small Shopping, Big Impact

While many big-box stores and websites slash prices each Black Friday, local businesses have found a way to compete for the coveted holiday dollar: Small Business Saturday. Read on to find local deals and steals from area small businesses, available

November 2013

November is the perfect month to reflect on  what we’re thankful for. Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 28th. For many, the list includes family and friends and a roof over our heads. As the years change, timely specifics come into mind.

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