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Maggie Awards Behind the Scenes

Southport was all a buzz at the first annual Maggie Awards held at the Amuzu Theatre on February 7th 2015 and so was the staff and crew, for months before the event, however, the Southport Magazine’s 2015 “Hardest Worker” Award

What’s The Craic?

Irish treats at Southport’s Sláinte BY JEN BARNETT AND KRIS BEASLEY First things first: it is pronounced SAH-LAN-CHA or more officially Sláinte or slàinte (slahn-che), which is literally translated as “health” and is commonly used as a drinking toast in

A Landmark with a Story to Tell

The Amuzu Theatre has been amusing audiences for generations! If you take a walk up North Howe Street, you’ll see the faded blue vertical Amuzu sign, circa early 1950’s, sticking off the side, once lit up by neon, now a

The 2015 Golden Maggie Award Winner

The Golden Maggie Award Winner The 2015 Golden Maggie winner Grape & Ale received the most votes in the most categories overall in our survey! Certainly a community favorite and such a great place to shop! Our voters mentioned this

2015 Maggie Awards

You voted for them, we threw them a party Southport Magazine is proud to recognize local businesses that our readers think are doing an extraordinary job with the very first Maggie Awards. It was a cool night in February and

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