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Most of my childhood summer vacations began with a long drive! We lived in Ohio and New Jersey and my folks would pack up my brother, sister and I and we would make the long haul to Cape Hatteras, North

WILD – Take the journey

When we are preparing to watch a movie that Jen and I haven’t seen, we like to pick an actor in the movie, do a little research about them and dedicated dinner to them. For the movie Wild we decided

Serious Eatin’

The Southport Smoke House is the real deal People take their barbecue seriously.  It’s an art form as unique to the region as to a person’s taste. The folks at Southport Smoke House- know this, and have perfected their hickory

They Have Your Back

Check Six Brewery fast becoming a front-runner in the craft beer industry Brunswick County’s very first craft brewery is the brainchild of Noah Goldman and Tim Hassel, home brewers turned commercial. Their shared love of beer was born in a

Deborah’s Place

Virginia transplant finds her way to sunny Southport Q: How long has Deborah’s Place been in business? A: We have been in business since 1997. We opened the first store in Ashland Va. Then moved to Fredericksburg, VA where we

History, Heartbreaks and Happiness

One house touches the lives of so many BY: KRIS BEASLEY Traveling through the streets of Southport, I often daydream about what it would be like to live in one of those old, historic homes. You know, the ones with

Finding Grouper

Early season hunt for the big catch. BY: ALAN BEASLEY I hope everyone out there is as happy as I am to get a chance to get outside and have some fun! I have been dreaming of going out for

Traveling Abroad

Being Prepared for Any Emergency BY LESLIE RESCHLY BSN, RN Several years ago, my father and mother-in-law treated our entire extended family to a Mexican adventure over the holidays. At the time, my children were 5, 7, and 9.Despite the

Southport Songwriter Festival

“It All Starts with the Song” Inaugural Southport Songwriter Festival starts June 19 Everyone I know loves songs and music to some degree and most have a favorite style. Some of us are totally into music either through listening all

Journey through Big Country –

A front row seat to one of nature’s most beautiful places….   BY REBECCA JONES / PHOTOS BY KEZIA MATSON January can be hard at the beach; business is slow, the weather can be bad, the holidays are over and

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