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Homemade Treats for Animals

  Save money and enjoy making these tasty treats. BY KRIS BEASLEY PICTURE BY BO MASHBURN AND KRIS BEASLEY This may be politically incorrect, but our dog, Ozzy, loves duck treats. It was the only treat he would eat and, for

Feliz Ano Nuevo

  South of the border flavor in Southport! STORY BY: REBECCA JONES   Feliz Ano Nuevo, translates to Happy New Year in Spanish. San Felipe Mexican Restaurant in Southport has a lot to be happy about, celebrating 15 years and most

It’s Bowser Beer Time!!

  Pour a bowl, for your best friend! BY: JENNIFER BARNETT How many times have you settled down on the patio after a hard days work, to enjoy a nice cold beer? Now, how many times have you wished that Fido

And They Call it Puppy Love!

  A Puppy A Day Keeps The Doctor Away STORY BY: LESLIE RESCHLY BSN,RN   I find myself in this state of emotion with the recent new member of our family, a black Labrador Retriever Puppy! With an empty nest, I

Comfort and Casual Elegance

      The Importance and Art Of Creating A Space That You Love to Live in STORY BY: KATHLEEN MCGOWAN PHOTOS BY: BILL BURNS AND KRIS BEASLEY I entered Barry and Mitzi Amerson’s side yard through a small gate and

Pets Top 10 List

        Dr. Ali Travis of River Road Animal Hospital breaks it down for owners and their pets. BY DR. ALI TRAVIS It’s always hard to decide what to write about when you’re so passionate about your work

The Road to Our Hearts are Paved with Paw Prints

      Readers send in photos of their furry friends BY SOUTHPORT READERS Each year we reach out to our readers asking them to send in theirpet photos for the January’s Pet issue. We chose one for the cover,

Stayin’ Alive

      After all these years! BY: JEFFREY STITES So what’s your favorite Bee Gees song? Come on, you know you have one. The album Stayin’ Alive alone sold over 30 million copies. Songs from “I Started A Joke”

The Kennedys Sing an American Dream

  The folk-rock duo make a stop at Odell Williamson BY : JEFFERY STITES Fans of American roots music have a treat in store this month as The Kennedys make their third appearance in Brunswick County. Combining sounds reminiscent of Buddy

Rescue Pets make the best pets

          Do yourself a favor and consider one of these local agencies when looking for your next pet. STORY BY: NEILL CALDWELL If you are contemplating pet ownership, we hope you will consider adopting a rescue pet.

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