Monthly Archives: May 2016

Robert Ruark was Home in Southport

  Robert Ruark’s hollywood movie ‘Something of Value’ has roots in Southport BY: LINDA PUKENAS It was 1957 when theaters around the Country had posters promoting a movie starring up-and-coming actors Rock Hudson, Sidney Poitier and Dana Wynter. These young stars were

Ride the Tide

  Kayak race makes a big splash with all ages BY: DEAN BLAINE The Oak Island Parks and Recreation Department and the Adventure Kayak Company will host the 8th Annual Ride the Tide Kayak Float on May 7. More than 70

Cruisers Car Show

  “She’s a little deuce coupe. You don’t know what I got…” BY: LISA P. STITES Take a step back in time and see the best of what car manufacturers have been rolling out for the last 100 years at the Cape

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