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Pretty Patriotic Displays


100% All American!

                  100% All American! Where the 4th of July is not just one day a year, celebrate America every day!” STORY & Photos BY: alyssa crouson The All-American Grill started with a

Best Beers for the Summer

                  Best Beers for the Summer Take it from the experts, craft beers cool your summer thirst! STORY & photos BY: James Hobbs, Owner of The Grape & Ale, 2017 Maggie Winner

Meet Me on the Porch

                  Meet Me on the Porch Plenty of Southport homes feature front porches, but the original use may be lost. STORY BY: KASS FINCHER photos courtesy of Southport historic society If you’re

The Art of Home Sales

                  The Art of Home Sales Southport’s Dream Team: Landmark-Sotheby and Yost & Yost BY: Leslie Foster When is an art gallery also a real estate office? When Sotheby’s opened its doors in

Survive the Summer in Style!

Meet Your Mayor!

                    Meet Your Mayor! Without being too political, here’s a fun way to get to know your local Mayor story and photos by Ami Brown We decided it was about time to

Up Close & Personal Art

                  Up Close and Personal Art Rachel Archer shows us her “Hard Edge” style Story and Photos by: Carla Edstrom My dad’s parents were farmers when they immigrated to Illinois from Sweden,

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