Getting to know the folks at Southport Trading Company
“A must-go to shop!,” “Sweet store with awesome things!!” are just some of the things people say about the little gift shop on Davis Street in Southport. It’s everyone’s favorite eclectic shopping experience from t-shirts and nautical scarves to home decor and jewelry. The perfect shop for gifts and souveniers, there’s something for everyone, whether you have a lot to spend or not.

  1.  Explain how you came up with the name Southport Trading Company?

We chose the name together with partners that were with us when we first opened the shop. We wanted something with a nautical/historic feel because that’s the type of atmosphere we envisioned for the shop.  The building we’re in is an old Southport home that has been used as an office for many years now. We felt the name would fit the location and also be a good fit for the neighbors – the Maritime Museum and Visitor’s center.


  1.  Exactly what “kind” of store is Southport Trading Company?

We want the shop to be a place visitors can find a Southport “memory” and locals can come for fun Southport gear and gifts and even find great nautical things to decorate with.


  1.  What makes the Southport Trading Company stand out from other stores in Southport?

We love Southport and the Southport lifestyle and we want our merchandise to illustrate that.  We want Southport Trading Co. to be a fun mix of Southport souvenirs and nautical gifts.  We offer some tee shirts that are original designs and we will have more originals later in the season.


  1.  Tell us about your T-shirts and how you customize them to the different areas – Southport, Oak Island?

We are really excited about the new tee shirt we have done with the folks at Where Life Takes You.  We made a list of about 70 things that say Southport to us and they created a great design with the phrases and symbols.  We are working on similar shirts for Oak Island, Bald Head and St. James.


  1.  Have you and Taylor owned other retail businesses in the past?

Taylor and I had a book and stationary store in the past and also owned and operated a B&B with a Restaurant.  We sold both businesses when we made a move due to Taylor’s career.



  1.  Are you looking to add other merchandise as your store grows?

Who knows?  We have only been in business for a little less than a year, so for now I’d say we stay the course!




Favorite Food:  Local Shrimp fresh off the boat

Favorite Book: A Confederacy of Dunces

Favorite Musician/Band: Van Morrison

Favorite Place to travel: Chiang Mai Thailand

Favorite thing about Southport: The people…natives to newcomers…love the mix!


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