A Special Thank You

A Huge Thank You!

A heart-felt letter from the owner of Southport Magazine, Kris Beasley.

Dear Readers,

I wanted to write and thank you for your support of Southport Magazine over the past 5 years.  The past month has been an emotional one for me because Southport Magazine won the 2016-2017 Small Business of the Year award through the Southport-Oak Island Area Chamber of Commerce.  I’ve been in a state of shock, almost frozen in time since winning the award.  I think it is because I have been working so hard over the past five years, pushing through obstacles, overcoming challenges, delivering papers, crunching numbers, creating ads, proofing ads, planning editorial, writing, calculating, budgeting, putting out fires, emailing, texting, facebooking, not taking no for an answer, refusing to sink, …… that it was hard for me stop and take it in.  To realize that all the hard work paid off.  That Southport Magazine had made it and been recognized as a real asset to this community.


To say I am proud of Southport Magazine is an understatement. It represents so much to me personally. But none of it would have been possible without the help of so many through the years. So I thought I would try to recognize everyone who has had a hand in Southport Magazine and helped in its success. Breast Cancer – without you, I would have never taken the chance to start Southport Magazine My parents, Kenneth and Barbara Adams – Growing up in a successful family business taught me a strong work ethic, sales skills, administrative skills, professionalism and organization. My husband, Alan Beasley – encouraged me to buy the magazine, works for free, provided countless hours of music, sound and hard labor to make my dream come true. My biggest fan. My sister, Kim Mason – mental health support and proof reader! My daughter, Brooke Beasley – helped me deliver the paper many times, and provided administrative help.
My mother-in-law, June Beasley – allowed me to feature her in an article about how to pick out fresh vegetables and film her cooking okra! My Aunt-in-law, Sandra Childers – worked in the office for me and helped me get caught up on paperwork. My old boss, Jeff Phenicie – I worked for Jeff for 20 years and I learned so much from him. His example has helped me through many challenges I have faced. My past co-worker and boss, John Hitt – I told John about my idea for Southport Magazine and he said, “Go for it!” He encouraged me and I know he will always be there if I need him. Susie Riddle – worked with her for 20 years. She still creates an ad or two for me and has supported me from the get go! Plus, she has been in TWO 4th of July Parades – now that is friendship! Kathy Atack – helped Alan and I set up the business with her accounting skills. She donated her time and services. She is a gem. Veronica Brendle – my oldest Brunswick County friend, who helps me with my books and my spirituality.
Tax & Financial Guidance Center – Laura Schexnayder and Candy Klinedinst have been my accountants and have helped me learn how to manage my business and take the necessary steps to prosper! Sue & Chuck Cothran and Liz Brinker – been there for me from the beginning…creating beautiful ads for our advertisers! Jennifer Barnett – Editor and writer. Jen stepped in as Editor with no real experience and did an incredible job! She is a big reason why the magazine was able to grow. Bethany Turner – started Southport Magazine with me and served as our first Editor. It was a fun first year!
Leslie Reschly – my dear friend who started writing the HEALTH Column for the magazine in the first year and continues today! Richard and Kristy Kopp – allowed me to distribute the magazine in their businesses – Kopp’s Kwik Stop and Kopp-a-tan! Dannette and Scott Ball of Coastal Document Systems – one of my first advertisers and long time supporters! And I love my copy machine I got from them! Stacy Kelly – without hesitation, she opened up her home to us and allowed it to be featured in our very first HOME STYLE.

Amber Lanier – wrote and contributed numerous times on entertaining, wedding planning, wedding decorations and flowers.  So talented!

Shannon Phillips and Randy Young – provided stage props for our Maggie Awards Show. Gina Boyd – our first subscriber!

Madison Brendle – my first intern!  We did some amazing things together and she was fearless in whatever I asked her to do!

Jeffrey Stites – Jeffrey has been responsible for so much: he introduced me to his wife, Lisa who writes for us, he co-hosted my very first Maggie Awards Show, he gathered zombies and posed as Michael Jackson on Oct 2015 cover, he played Cam Newton in our 2015 Maggie Award Show and he continues to write for the magazine.  Jeffrey, YOU DA MAN!

Lisa Stites – Lisa is the best.  She never complains, she always gets it done and done well!  I feel so blessed to have her as a writer for Southport Magazine.

Sara Beth McLamb – Sara Beth did a great job writing for Southport Magazine in its first year and helping as Assistant Editor.

Becky Jones – Becky wrote our SAVOR column for a couple of years and did a phenomenal job!

Caitlin Lokey – served as Fashion Editor for a couple of issues and always lends a hand on stage for our Maggie Awards!

Corey and Erin Snapp of Snapp Shot Photography – helped as staff photographers and created some beautiful images for our Fashion issue.

Michayla Fullwood, Rachel Van Noord, Abbie Propst – second round of interns.  These girls were awesome and helped me so much during their internships.  All positive and pleasant!

Kyle and Nic Reschly – both of these young men helped me deliver the papers and other duties.  Nic still holds the record for quickest delivery time!

Dean Blaine – he wrote for us for a short awhile.  He is a real professional and we were lucky to have him while we did.

Kathleen McGowan – Kathleen wrote the HOME FEATURE for a year.  She was awesome. She also served as Sir Purr in our Maggie Awards Show and painted the back drop!

Emily Klinefelter – wrote our SCENE Column for awhile and she always found a creative way to critique the silver screen.

Patrick McGowan – Patrick is our PHOTOGRAPHER. He is always there when we need him. We love Patrick! Bill and Cathy Furpless of the AMUZU Theatre – They have allowed Southport Magazine to hold its annual Maggie Awards show at their beautiful and historic theater. So sweet!
I’ve been in a state of shock, almost frozen in time since winning the award.

Ron and Missy Ronquillo – Ron and Missy have helped with our Maggie Awards Show the past couple of years. Ron photographed all of the winners at the step and repeat board and they all looked MAH-VA-LOUS!

Jim Whitmeyer – I worked with Jim many years ago at SURF 107fm. I asked him to MC our Maggie Awards Show and he happily agreed!

Lauren Mabe – served as reporter on the red carpet for our first Maggie Awards Show! Rasa Love – performed as Beyonce’ for our Maggie Awards Show and killed it!

Morgan Gilbert – intern and sales assistant. Morgan has been a huge help over the past two summers. We are going to miss her next year!

Leslie Foster – she writes our BIZ Q and A Column and is able to write interesting and telling questions that gives our readers a real inside look at our local business owners.

Carla Edstrom – she writes our ART Column and her contribution has really added to the content of Southport Magazine.

Alyssa Crouson – our current intern from South Brunswick High School! She is doing a great job writing and
learning to spread her wings artistically!

Kass Fincher – our HISTORY and SAVOR writer. Kass loves to write and it shows! She will do whatever it takes to track down what she needs to make her columns great!

Kay & Taylor Jolliff – Kay is a mentor for many young woman trying to succeed in business in Southport. She and Taylor helped me find an office in Southport and have been like a second set of parents to me.

Southport-Oak Island Chamber of Commerce – Karen Spahr has been supportive of Southport Magazine from the beginning. Always offering positive suggestions and solutions. Any new business that does not take advantage of all the chamber offers, is crazy!

DSI – Downtown Southport Incorporated – This organization really helps all of its members and the city of Southport. We are lucky to have them working hard for our businesses and our city! And I am lucky to be a member! South East Brunswick Civitans – Their goal is solely to do good for our community. They earn money to give iPads to local schools, sponsor the Chili Cookoff and other helpful events.

Norm Brown – donated his own time to refurbish the Southport Magazine red delivery boxes. They look great! Ami Brown – our current editor and writer.

Ami wrote for the magazine for a year before taking over as editor in 2017. She has made the biggest difference in the magazine to date! Her writing talents, creative mind, artist eye have all contributed to the magazine growing and getting better. She is such an asset to me and it is because of her, that I am able to grow the company. I am beyond blessed to have Ami as the editor of Southport Magazine! Advertisers – I am thankful for all the businesses who advertise in Southport Magazine. They are the reason why we exist.

But the following businesses have been advertising faithfully since the first year! THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT: Boo & Roo’s, Cattail Cottage, Ports of Call, Kay Jolliff, Mr. P’s Bistro, The Painted Mermaid, The Adventure Kayak Company, Color Me Carolina, Bella Cucina, Coastal Companion Care, Candy & Company, Lantana’s, Dairy Queen, Dry Street, Fishy Fishy, Greenlands Farms, Grape & Ale, Island Way, Joseph’s, Margaret Rudd & Associates, Mermaid Cove, Merry Maids, Renee’s Fine Jewelry, Southport Fun Tours, Southport Realty, Shagger Jacks, St. James Community Center, Tale Feathers, Thai by The Sea, Uncorked, Yacht Basin Eatery, Yost & Yost Realtors and Ginger Williams. Finally, I would like to thank the following people for writing letters of recommendation in support of Southport Magazines nomination for Small Business of the Year: Mayor Cindy Brochure-Town of Oak Island, Ali Travis-DVM River Road Animal Hospital, Jeff Phenicie-Wilmington Media Company, Amy Attwell-The Painted Mermaid, Tom McAndrews III – Bella Cucina, Maud Kelly-Greenlands Farms, Rick&Linda Pukenas-Robert Ruark Inn/ Southport Tours/Sea Glass Realty, Sharon Faw-Hearts & Sol Welness, James Goss – Dosher Memorial Hospital, Jeannie Dufour – Listen Up Brunswick County and Randy Jones – The City of Southport.
Thank you to all that have helped Southport Magazine! And thank you to YOU, the reader. If you hadn’t picked up the paper, read it and supported the advertisers this would be a moot point! We did it…..ALL OF US!



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