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5 scary-good recipes for young & old alike

Story and photos by:  Kris Beasley

Halloween is my favorite holiday!  Not because I worship Satan or anything, but because I love the playful spirit of Halloween.  As adults, we tend to take ourselves so serious and Halloween allows us “older folk” a chance to let our hair down or up or out….depending on what costume you choose!  Halloween also allows us to play with our food and find creative ways to freak others out with some twisted treats.  I hope you will have as much fun as I did making these ghoulish, gourmet goodies.



*Refrigerator Sugar Cookies

*Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

*Candy Eyes

*Chocolate Decorating Icing


Bake the sugar cookies as directed.  As soon as you pull them out of the oven, place the Reese cup upside down in the middle of the cookie.  Let cool.  Then take chocolate icing and make the legs.  Decorate with candy eyes, using icing as glue.  Cute and easy!



*Refrigerator Sugar Cookies

*Whole Almonds


Roll out each sugar cookie in a line, about 4 inches long.  Place on your backing sheet.  Take whole almonds and place at the tip, pressing into the dough.   Back according to the sugar cookie directions.  Let cool and break apart.



*Fresh Mozzarella Balls

*Prosciutto or Ham

*Spanish Olives

*Salsa or Marinara Sauce


Wrap prosciutto around mozzarella balls, leaving an opening.  Slice olives and place in the center of the opening, as the pupil of the eye.  Serve with Salsa or Marinara for dipping.



*package of Ho Ho’s

*Fruit Roll ups

*Candy Corn

*Red gel icing


Unroll a fruit roll up, but be sure to keep the plastic wrap attached.  Using a knife or scissors, cut out a wing pattern.  Be sure to keep it in one piece.  Lay the wings down and place the Ho Ho’s on top, in the middle.  Use the candy corn to make ears on the top of the Ho Ho.  Press in the secure them.   Use a knife to cut the white tips off the candy corn to make the fangs.  And use the orange to make eyes.  Use the red gel icing as glue to secure the eyes and fangs.




*Red and Green Apples


*Slivered almonds


Slice apples.  Take each slice and carefully poke the slivered almonds around the inside of the skin side.  Lay one slice down and put about 1 tsp of jelly, towards the back of the slice, away from the skin of the apples.  Take another slice and lay on top, with the skin facing forward to form the mouth.  Super cute and healthy!

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