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Band Scholarship

Frank Mahoney’s legacy lives on By Lisa Stites Brunswick Bands is offering a scholarship in memory of one of the Band’s long-serving members. The Frank Mahoney Young Artist Scholarship is the group’s first annual scholarship offering. Mahoney joined Brunswick Bands

Spring Into Health

Embrace exercise and join the 5K race By Lisa Stites If you’re one of the many people who resolved to make this year a healthier one and are looking for ways to keep your resolutions, the Brunswick Wellness Coalition has

Taste of Southport

Fundraiser at St. James Community Center By Lisa Stites It seems like everyone is or knows a foodie these days, and a school fundraising event coming up this month is the perfect place to dazzle those foodie tastebuds. You can

The Maggies!

And the winners are…. Every March we celebrate YOU, the reader and all the businesses that we love. You have a voice and are able to choose your pick for favorite cheeseburger to favorite customer service to best place to

Spoiler Free

A life without movie trailers By Jeremy Seeliger I have been living a completely spoiler free life now for over six years, and it has dramatically improved my movie going experience. I am still very into movie culture. I get

Why You Need a Mesh Network

You are asking your router to do too much, and it is time to get rid of it in favor of something better. By Jeremy Seeliger Routers were really made an essential piece of home networking equipment about 20 years

Picky Pet Pointers

Family Dog Naturals offers pet nutrition and tips for the picky eaters Story by Betsy Head, owner One of the many comments we hear from our customers is “my dog or cat is so picky.” Picky eater? No problem, we

Finding Sissy

An Extraordinary Tale of One Cat’s Adventure Story by Deanna Gross If circumstances are such that you must, I mean if there’s no way around it, no matter how hard you try, lose a cat during a hurricane evacuation, then

Greenwood Pet Camp

A farm-like setting for a cozy stay Story by Kass Fincher As you head down the long, tree-lined driveway to Greenwood Pet Camp, you feel an immediate sense of quiet and calm, just like a walk in the woods. A

Cover Competition!

Furry Friend Photos Pet cover competition does not disappoint Story by Ami brown All we can say is WOW! There was no shortage of cuteness when it came time to check out the pet photos this year, The staff was

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