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Just Add Punch!

Make your event extra special with these tasty concoctions! STORY BY: KRIS BEASLEY I f you have ever hosted a bridal shower, most likely you served punch. There is just something about punch that makes an event special. I was

Figgy Pudding??

                    Real or Myth? STORY BY: KRIS BEASLEY   We’ve all heard the song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and chances are that is the only time and place that

What the Heck is a Maggie?

                And how do I get one? STORY BY: KRIS BEASLEY | PHOTO BY: PATRICK MCGOWAN   Four years ago, when I started Southport Magazine. I wrote out of list of goals I wanted

Three Ways to Cook Turkey

  Throwing a Twist on Tradition STORY BY: KRIS BEASLEY If I close my eyes, I can smell the mouth-watering aroma of the Thanksgiving turkey roasting in the oven at my folks’ house. I am not sure if there is

Ships A-home!

Living aboard the EOS STORY AND PICTURES BY KRIS BEASLEY Oak Island Residents, Steve and Robin Schuster have owned the Yacht EOS for eight years. It is a Carver 36 Aft Cabin, built in 1992. Steve who was previously the Town

Protectors of our Communities

  Paying homage to our local Police Men andWomen STORY BY: KRIS BEASLEY For the most part, we don’t often think about the Police until we are in need of help or their blue lights are flashing in our rear view

Tropical Treats

  Cooling off when the temps heat up BY: KRIS BEASLEY When the temperature hits 100 degrees, nothing can cool you off like a frozen drink! And what better time to whip up a tropical treat, than when fresh produce

Picnic Baskets

The perfect excuse for a romantic date night! BY: KRIS BEASLEY There is no better time than the month of May to pack up a basket full of goodies, grab a blanket and have a picnic with your loved one. In our

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

  A Good Reason To Drink A Margarita STORY BY: KRIS BEASLEY May 5th is Cinco de Mayo and cause for celebration. While many think it is Mexico’s Independence Day, it is actually a celebration to commemorate the Mexican army’s unlikely

Homemade Treats for Animals

  Save money and enjoy making these tasty treats. BY KRIS BEASLEY PICTURE BY BO MASHBURN AND KRIS BEASLEY This may be politically incorrect, but our dog, Ozzy, loves duck treats. It was the only treat he would eat and, for

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