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Stay cool with Flava’s Homemade Chilly Treats!


As temperatures hot the high 90’s, we all seek a refreshing way to cool down. I can’t think of anything more yummy than to stop in to Flava’s and enjoy a double scoop of peanut butter cup or one of the other 24 flavors they have to offer. Frankly, it’s always a great day for ice cream. Overlooking the Old Yacht Basin waterfront in Southport, Flava’s has been treating the locals and tourists for over 18 years and counting.


Paul and Marie Swenson opened Provisions Company back in 1993, and when the adjacent property became available in 1998…. Flava’s was born. It started out as a gourmet coffee and baked goods shop, then the Provisions T-shirt retail business really took off, and it evolved over the next couple years to what it is today: Flava’s Ice Cream!

Maryah Smith, the manager in her sixth season sat down to discuss this Southport staple, and how customer service is top pri- ority, along with the quality sweets. I asked her what makes Flava’s special? she says, “There is nowhere else in Southport you can find the diversity and variety of flavors of homemade ice cream, along with a great family atmosphere.

Flava’s is dedicated to giving the customer a unique ice cream experience every time.” Flava’s serves over 24 assorted flavors, including custom specialties like Southport Sunset, which is a delicious coconut base ice cream, pineapple chunks with a strawberry ribbon. Some of the more popular flavors include Peach, Coffee Toffee, Death by Chocolate and Salted Caramel. You can drool over all their flavors and menu items on their website:

Have you ever had a brilliant idea for an ice cream flavor? Well here’s your chance. Flava’s introduces customer inspired flavors through their weekly contest. Just drop your suggestion in the box, or email your idea, and it might make it on the menu! If it does, they will even name it after you. Salted Caramel was a customer’s suggestion, but was so popular – it’s now a regular flavor. You may have just what they are looking for in the next big thing!ice-cream-2

Flava’s now offers your favorite flavors in pints and quarts to go so you can always have a little Flava – even at home. Maryah adds, “Not only do we want you down here to visit us, we also want you to have access to our delicious ice cream on the days you choose to stay home, and now it’s possible!” In the mood for an old fashioned milkshake or ice cream float? Flava’s has got that covered too. Take a little step back in time with a huge selection of vintage bottle drinks, Cheerwine, Crème Soda, Stewart’s Root Beer, RC Cola and Peach, Orange or Grape Ne- Hi, who could ask for more on a hot summer day? If you are looking for something a little healthier, no problem. Nutrition shakes are now available and people love them. You can add your choice of fresh fruit like blueberries, mango, strawberries or raspberries to top it off.

Flava’s also offers a wide variety of gluten-free ice cream, so that everyone in your party can enjoy their time at Flava’s. They even have homemade Italian Ice available to delight customers with lactose intolerance or dairy allergies.

You will always find something yummy at Flava’s like ice cream sundaes, made with strawberry shortcake, pound cake and brownies made from scratch. They even have my favorite: ice cream sandwiches. You choose the ice cream and they sandwich in between two huge homemade chocolate chip cookies – now that’s what I call a dessert!

Fun fact:

Flava’s was named after a former manager who resembled the rapper

Flava Flav, and carried the nickname Flava!

Flava’s is also the home of the Provisions Company retail clothing line offering clothing from birth to XXXL. You will find tank tops in the summer, sweatshirts seasonally and t-shirts all year. They even have an enormous selection of hats, decals and koozies. If the ladies are looking for a Scala Sun Hat they will find a nice array of those as

Local artist Jim McIntosh’s watercolor art is featured on some of their t-shirts if you are looking for something just a little different. Maryah fills online orders from the shop, and she ships all over the world. A t-shirt from Flava’s is just the perfect souvenir of the family trip, or a gift to a friend that needs to come for another visit! You can see all the merchandise at –

Maryah reminded me that, “Flava’s is a family friendly place where locals and tourists come to make memories. The rocking chairs and picnic tables are the perfect setting for families to enjoy their time together and have fun.” Flava’s staff embrace this philosophy and it is apparent on all the grinning little faces, dripping with sweet sticky evidence.

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