Biz Q&A: Bridgers Landscaping, Pools and Spas

Owner Hal Bridgers and his staff (l. to r.), Cristina Beasley, Tina York and Kim Everhart. Photo by Kris Beasley

Owner Hal Bridgers and his staff (l. to r.), Cristina Beasley, Tina York and Kim Everhart. Photo by Kris Beasley

There is a place in Southport where you can go this month to celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd) and Arbor Day (April 25th). At 8210 River Rd. SE, Bridgers Landscaping, Pools and Spas awaits to help residents spruce up their yards with an array of plants, from shrubbery to trees to beautiful flowers.

We spoke with owner Hal Bridgers about his greenhouse—and his green thumb—for this month’s Biz Q&A.

Southport Magazine (SM): When did you discover your love for plants, and why did you want to own your own business?
Hal Bridgers (HB): My grandmother had a nursery when I was young, and I helped her in the greenhouse potting plants and growing nursery stock. That was the start of my passion for plants and landscape design.

The business aspect came at a later time when I was helping a friend in Southport with his landscape business in the mid ’80s. He passed away suddenly, and I assumed his contracts, which was the start of Bridgers Landscapes. We started the garden center and greenhouse in 1995. After years of designing projects, we decided to launch the pools and spas area of the business to be able to provide a complete outdoor living space.

It's confirmed: Hal Bridgers has a green thumb! Photo by Kris Beasley

It’s confirmed: Hal Bridgers has a green thumb! Photo by Kris Beasley

SM: With Earth Day and Arbor Day taking place this month, can you suggest a few trees you sell that do best in our area, and why do you suggest them for residents’ yards?
HB: Crape Myrtles, of course. They are easy to maintain, and have an extended bloom time. The river birch is a good choice, with easy maintenance. Magnolias, hybrid maples, and hybrid hollies are all well adapted to our area.

SM: What are some items or services you offer that folks may not know about?
HB: We have a greenhouse growing operation. A full landscape design service with installation. Coming soon we will be offering a 3-D landscape design service. We do hardscapes, including pavers, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, arbors, etc. We also do fencing—aluminum, wood and vinyl with very competitive pricing.

SM: Why should folks choose Bridgers for pool and spa services?
HB: We install the highest quality fiberglass pool in the industry. Our relationships with suppliers allow us to serve you better. Factory trained and certified service and installation for pools and hot tubs means we give you the best service possible.

SM: Tell us about your upcoming open house April 11-12, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and why you’re inviting the public to your garden center.
HB: I enjoy showing my appreciation to all of my loyal customers who have been with me through all these years. I hope to develop new relationships with the newcomers to our community by inviting them to check out what we offer and have a good lunch with us.

Ed. note: On Friday, the shop will host lunch with Lowcountry chicken and rice. On Saturday, they’ll serve BBQ to the beats of a live DJ.

SM: Favorite food?
HB: Seafood

SM: Favorite book?
HB: The Bible

SM: Favorite music?

SM: Favorite place to travel?
HB: Key West

SM: Favorite thing about Southport?
HB: The people, views, food, and overall quality of life.

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