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Baby Boomers Beware!

1 in 3 are at risk for Hep-C Story by Leslie Reschley Were you born between 1945 and 1965? If so, take note. An asymptomatic illness may be lurking in your body. In fact, 1 in 30 “Baby Boomers” are

An Epilepsy Journey

Beating the odds with Epilepsy STORY BY Rhonda Till My son Riley is turning 28 this month. He’s also celebrating 3 1/2 years seizure-free. The seizures began when he was 7. It’s been quite a ride for our family. Riley

Healing Center Opens

Southport welcomes Holistic healing from an expert team STORY BY KRIS BEASLEY Located at 420 N. Howe Street, perfectly situation for convenience, the Southport Healing Arts Center is a unique and much needed addition to the hustle and bustle of

Freedom Day

National Thank-You Movement Treats Veterans in Brunswick County; Coastal Cosmetic Family Dentistry provides FREE dental services. Bolivia, NC – October 12, 2017 – Coastal Cosmetic family Dentistry treated over 50 service men and women today during their 5th annual Freedom

A Big Pain in the Foot!

What exactly is Plantar Fasciitis and what can you do? STORY BY: LESLIE RESCHLY, BSN, RN I f you have experienced plantar fasciitis, you know the pain! The first steps off your bed in the morning are excruciating! Standing after

A Simple Touch Can Do Wonders

Drop the technology and connect STORY BY: LESLIE RESCHLY, BSN, RN Years ago, before the internet, a popular advertising slogan professed, “Reach Out and Touch Someone”. Ironically, the slogan for Bell Telephone could still be utilized today as we connect

Poison Control!

So many substances are present in your home or outside environment that can be potentially dangerous to your pet. It is very important to remember that your pet comes from a different scientific genus and species therefore can not

Healthy Hints For Holiday Travel

                    Easy Steps That Can Make All The Difference! STORY BY: LESLIE RESCHLY, BSN, RN   Holiday Stress is enough to handle without the complications of trains, planes and automobiles! If

National Hospice Month

  A look at the comfort and support offered STORY BY: LESLIE RESCHLY, BSN, RN   As a young nursing student with a heart full of invincibility, I recall a lecturing professor making a statement; that since the day we

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Can Have Quite A Big Bite! STORY BY: LESLIE RESCHLY, BSN, RN Walk up to my front door and you will see nature has already decorated my home for Halloween with an abundance of spider webs and beautiful spiders lining

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