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A Note on E-Cigarettes

My first encounter with an electronic cigarette, known as an e-cig, was about two years ago at a farm-equipment auction. I found myself staring at the apparatus around the neck of several gentlemen, which reminded me of a Mr. T

Strong Opportunities

CrossFit finally muscles into the Southport area

For the Love of Exercise

Two years after I left my employment in an outpatient care clinic, I ran into a previous patient who had lost 50 pounds. Smiling, he related how he finally “decided to do what the doctor told me to do for

Real-life Resolutions for the New Year

Happy 2014! As another January rolls in, so does the season for resolutions related to health, exercise and diet. Sometimes it can be hard to go from resolutions to reality—but I met two local individuals who committed in 2013 to

Steps for the Season

A colleague of mine recently announced the countdown of days until Christmas, and a hush fell over the break room. Of course this silence was followed by a loud and collective groan, followed by many folks bemoaning all that must

Put on Those Party Shoes

As the holiday season begins, social festivities abound complete with song, wonderful food and drink. Often, people prone to gout develop symptoms as a result of party activities which cause them to miss future soirées due to pain and discomfort.

Pump Up the Pumpkin

One of my fondest childhood memories of Iowa is driving to The Pumpkin Patch located a few miles from town each October. The arthritic, weathered old farmer wandered his fields with a huge smile on his face. Children ran in

Blessings in Disguise

Everyone’s cancer journey is totally different—no two are the same. So when our editor, Bethany, asked me if I wanted to share my story as part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I immediately said yes! And as I thought

A Stretch a Day Keeps the Pain Away!

Watch your animals and you will often see them get up and stretch. Stretching helps to keep muscles loosened so that you can bend or move without hurting yourself. Stretching improves the flexibility of your joints and muscles, which improves

Active, Social, Fun

By: Susan Whitley, director of the Southport Senior Center When I first thought about writing an article for National Senior Center month, I really did not recognize the task would be so difficult. I have a background in Journalism but

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