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Easy Does It

As the weather warms and the beach beckons, pure panic often strikes as the realization hits: It’s time for the exposure of swimsuit season. Try not to indulge that panic—especially if you already own a swim suit and don’t have

Say No to Sugar

Sugar in the American diet has been the subject of much discussion and controversy recently, as a record one out of three American adults is now at risk for development of Diabetes Mellitus Type II—an American epidemic! Although Diabetes Mellitus

Run Your Own Race

As the weather warms, opportunities abound to participate in locally organized competitive run events, from 5k (3.1 miles) to marathon (26.2 miles) distances. As Nike says, “Just do it!” What are you waiting for? Here’s a four-step guide to help


Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings as the warmth of the sun and the scent of warm weather is in the air. Perhaps your New Year’s resolutions are in need of some renewal? Or, maybe you never

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