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Sweet and Petite

A cute cottage woos passersby in Southport

A Favorable ‘Thank You’

With all the decisions and thoughts that go into planning the perfect wedding, sometimes reception favors can be pretty low on the list. However, with a little bit of thought and creativity,  giving the perfect favor can be stress-free and

Generations of History

Lois Jane's Riverview Inn remains in the hands of the same family for over a century

Calling All Party Animals

Because people often view their pets as members of the family, throwing birthday parties for dogs has become an increasingly popular way to celebrate man’s best friend. You can celebrate your dog’s actual birthday or the day of their adoption,

Worldly Appeal

'Om Sweet Home is decidedly coastal in outward appearances, with its shake siding, thick white trim, and gargantuan windows built to take in all the views. Though as one enters the home, three styles merge into one. Naturally, coastal, but


Any coastal holiday tradition can vary, but the one thing that always is a must: fresh oysters. After all, it is the season for shucking! Traditionally, oysters are eaten primarily in cooler months when the shellfish aren’t spawning. Not everyone

Strong Charm

Richard Edwards brought his vision to life in a new construction with a steel frame and a rock facade. Just steps from the Atlantic Ocean, the house offers views of the blue horizon from three different vantage points: the front

Have a Staycation

For tourists, there are great options for taking a vacation in Southport. Those who enjoy afternoon teas and a chat over homemade breakfast will enjoy one of our many B&Bs, especially as they are housed in historic abodes, and all

Secluded Sanctuary

With all the road construction taking place along Highway 17, it’s unimaginable to passing drivers that a community such as Leland’s Farms of Snowfield could even exist. Even without the sight of bulldozers and orange safety cones, the subdivision is

Boat Lover’s Dream

When tourists think of Oak Island, the tan, sandy beach along the Atlantic Ocean is likely the first thing that comes to their minds. On the flip side, locals are well aware of the backwoods beauty along Davis Canal and Montgomery

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