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Secluded Sanctuary

With all the road construction taking place along Highway 17, it’s unimaginable to passing drivers that a community such as Leland’s Farms of Snowfield could even exist. Even without the sight of bulldozers and orange safety cones, the subdivision is

Boat Lover’s Dream

When tourists think of Oak Island, the tan, sandy beach along the Atlantic Ocean is likely the first thing that comes to their minds. On the flip side, locals are well aware of the backwoods beauty along Davis Canal and Montgomery

The Cambridge Comeback

In 2006, an enterprising developer from New Jersey saw a golden opportunity in Southport, North Carolina. Near the undeniably scenic South Harbour Village Marina, off of Fish Factory Road, sat a very large plot of land. The developer, Stratland Homes,

The Best Kept Secret

Tom and Jan Trivett lived part-time in Southport for four years before they finally gave up the charade and bought a house. During those years, the couple took walks throughout the historic neighborhoods of downtown, always passing the home at

Ship Watch

There are few places on Earth, and perhaps none as peaceful as Southport, where one can recline in an Adirondack chair, sip a glass of Southern sweet tea, and view the massive cargo ships as they pass on their way

What a Catch!

When standing at sea level, his eyes just around six-feet from the ground, registered architect Rich Bandera knew this plot of land was special. Though he didn’t have a birds-eye-view, the lot was perfectly situated to capture one of the

Downtown Charm

The character and charm of historic downtown Southport lends to the delineation of our culture. Each brick laid and each detail within the woodwork is a defining section of our history, a stamp in time we can trace back to

The Marsh Landing

Enveloped by live oaks, cradled by camellias, and sung to sleep by the marsh. This is the life of the house at 766 Skipjack Circle, which backs up to the banks of Cottage Creek in Southport. It is a home

Sweet Serendipity

When architect Stephanie Seeber, then Stephanie Van Noordt, first began spending time with Don Seeber, she wasn’t looking for love or even a deep friendship. She was only extending a kindness she’d been bestowed years before. As she suffered through

The Innkeepers’ Destiny

Linda, who worked in financial marketing, and Rick, whose background is in school administration, both possess a deep-rooted love for the antiquated. Together they almost always owned historic homes, including when they moved to Wake Forest, North Carolina in 2007.

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