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Hunger Fighters

***OOPS! This event is on WEDNESDAY, October 16th—not Tuesday as accidentally printed in the magazine. We apologize for any inconvenience!*** What: Empty Bowls When: Wednesday, October 16th 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Where: Southport Community Building 223 E. Bay St.,

Toast to Autumn

Though the leaves aren’t quite falling, autumnal flavors creep in with the onset of September. Nutty tones occupy seasonal coffees while cinnamon and other spices mingle within bready desserts. Of course, even the mere idea of soon-to-be pumpkin-flavored everything makes

An Evening for Chocolate Lovers

Guests can look forward to devouring delicious dishes prepared by chocolatiers and local restaurants. “Chocolatiers will be providing a variety of chocolate items such as, candies, cupcakes, turtle cookies, brownies, caramel cookies, doughnut holes..."

Hot Summer, Cool Drinks

The dog days of summer are upon us. Combining the heat with coastal Carolina humidity, just stepping foot outside is enough to make us sweat. We seek refuge in any way possible: a cool dip in the ocean, lounging on

A Bond Between Brothers

Steve and Chad Cook evoke a high level of excellence in Island Way Restaurant. “It’s a process making sure you have the right product,” Steve reveals. “We put so much time into the customer’s dining experience."

Summer Wines and Sangria

July is the heart of summer, and there is really no better place to be than here in the Southport-Oak Island area. This month, we have a refreshing Red, White, and Blue Sangria for your July 4th celebration, some seafood-friendly whites,

Lessons in ‘Cafenese’

Viewing the Flying Pig Coffee Shop from the outside, you know you’ve arrived somewhere special. The roof commands attention, leaning on a sharp angle. The building is white, teal and pink, and usually there’s a bike resting on its kickstand,

The Winner’s Circle

What: Brew Club Rate Night When: Thursday, June 25th • 7 p.m. Where: The Grape & Ale 8521 E. Oak Island Dr., Oak Island Cost: Membership in Brew Club, $15/mo. Info: (910) 933-4384 From the establishment of America’s first

Family First

As tomatoes and secret spices form crimson, slow-moving bubbles within a large metal pot on one of the few stove tops available, Joseph Borsuk cracks a joke about his modest kitchen. Yet with what one chef may deem inadequate, Joe

Summertime Cocktails

Perhaps nothing salutes the arrival of summer in our area better than relaxing with an ice-cold beverage and a stunning view. Cap it off by indulging in a decadent meal or a bit of light, sea-born fare, and we’ve got

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