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If You Bake It, They Will Come: Hippie Chick Granola bringing love and a bit of crunch to Oak Island

Walking into Hippie Chick Granola my sense of smell was immediately brought to life with the enticing aroma of what my mind formed to be warm, buttery deliciousness – I knew I was in the right place. My gaze was

What’s The Craic?

Irish treats at Southport’s Sláinte BY JEN BARNETT AND KRIS BEASLEY First things first: it is pronounced SAH-LAN-CHA or more officially Sláinte or slàinte (slahn-che), which is literally translated as “health” and is commonly used as a drinking toast in

The Boutique Fish Monger

  MOST LOCALS AND Visitors to the area are familiar with the larger than life proprietor, the charismatic and passionate fishmonger, Jon Haag. He fits the part; ruggedly hand- some with blond hair and blue eyes, and makes wearing tall rubber boots and

Healthy Made Delicious

Tropical Smoothie Café crafts scrumptious fruit smoothies and tasty, healthful sandwiches

Discover the Road Less Traveled

Paso Robles, California, is home to more than 200 boutique wineries

Wine Glass 101

As a child I had favorite glasses that I insisted my mom use to serve my favorite beverages.  My morning orange juice required a juice glass with puppies painted on it. There was a small tin cup that I wanted

Experiences Await

Flights transports guests through global flavors in tapas, wine, and craft beer

Delightful Indulgence

The Confectionary purveys decadent homemade treats for the Southport-Oak Island area

A Taste of Brunswick County

Communities in Schools announces its 13th annual gala to raise funds for children in Brunswick County

Flavor Oasis

In Southport's legendary Yacht Basin, Fishy Fishy Cafe beckons diners with memorable experiences

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