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Fishing for a Reason

Believe it or not, if you fish enough and get fine-tuned with your skills of targeting and catching certain fish, you’ll find that there are opportunities to compete in tournaments. Some of these opportunities are for special reasons and some

When and Where to Fish

Now is the prime time to be fishing inshore: There is plenty of live bait, and all kinds of fish are inshore and offshore, so you should be fishing as much as possible. The questions are when is the best

Catching Live Bait

F or many people catching live bait is just not something they think about. They will either use frozen bait—which is ok but can result in feeding lots of small fish—or they go buy the live bait at a tackle

Scales: May

By now, if you’re like me, you are ready to get a fishing trip under way, or you’ve probably already hit the water. But are you really ready to go? Is your gear in tip-top shape? You should make sure

Fish On

There is no doubt that everyone infected with the saltwater fishing bug is more than ready for the first bite as the weather starts to warm up. When you start to see the trees and flowers budding and the insects

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