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Four Legs Good

Local boutique supplies Southport’s pets and pet lovers with fun, funky gear

Inspirations Today and Signa Scents

Tucked inside the quaint cottage-style stores in Olde Southport Village Shoppes, Inspirations Today awaits shoppers with a plethora of unique items. Since its inception, owner Candy Padgett has been committed to purveying one-of-a-kind finds, many of which have special meaning

Boo & Roo’s

A Southport gift shop offers a warm smile with beautiful and trendy exclusive lines

E Salon and Spa

Between work meetings, school functions, keeping up with cleaning and yard work, it’s hard to find time to chill out, relax, and rejuvenate our souls. Yet “me time” is necessary to remain healthy and ready to handle anything we encounter

Color Me Carolina

Paige Brown made a home business into Oak Island's Color Me Carolina with the help of her sister, Melaney Robbins

Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc., REALTORS®

Margaret Rudd Bishop, a Southern adventurer, vacationed with her family in Long Beach and once lived on a boat, all before putting firm roots down in Oak Island where she established her highly successful real estate company, Margaret Rudd &

Howe Outrageous Art Gallery & Marketplace

Southport is a mecca for art of every kind: painting, pottery, photography, jewelry making, and more. As a beautiful coastal town, it serves as inspiration for many creatives, including Kimberly and Rich Bandera. The couple—Kimberly a painter and potter and

Biz Q&A: European Touch

Relaxation is the goal of every spa guest. Yet in the age of our world where organic rules, the chemicals utilized by most spas can make anyone nervous. In Southport, European Touch is a “green” spa run by Irena Sedivy,

Biz Q&A: Merry Maids

It’s a common saying: “There’s not enough time in the day.” There aren’t enough hours to work, clean, cook, spend time with family, exercise, sort mail, help the kids with homework, and get enough sleep to do it all again

Biz Q&A: Bridgers Landscaping, Pools and Spas

A family-run business thrives from a long history of green thumbs

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