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Biz Q&A: European Touch

Relaxation is the goal of every spa guest. Yet in the age of our world where organic rules, the chemicals utilized by most spas can make anyone nervous. In Southport, European Touch is a “green” spa run by Irena Sedivy,

Biz Q&A: Merry Maids

It’s a common saying: “There’s not enough time in the day.” There aren’t enough hours to work, clean, cook, spend time with family, exercise, sort mail, help the kids with homework, and get enough sleep to do it all again

Biz Q&A: Bridgers Landscaping, Pools and Spas

A family-run business thrives from a long history of green thumbs

The Painted Mermaid

Owner Amy Atwell discusses her decisions to exit 'big box' retail and to feature local wares

Generations Church

Many marriages in America are built on the foundation of religion. Thus, couples often look to their church’s leader for counseling before the wedding and during their matrimony. In Southport, members of Generations Church rely on their lead pastor, Troy

Biz Q&A – River Road Animal Hospital

For last year’s pet edition, Dr. Alyssa Travis of River Road Animal Hospital answered a few questions about how to care for pets, along with veterinarians of Southport Animal Hospital. This year, we get to know Dr. Travis a little

Biz Q&A: Lantana’s Gallery and Fine Gifts

In downtown Southport, Lantana’s Gallery and Fine Gifts serves as a haven for many regional artists and craftspeople. It’s also home to the Meehans, a family of artists and small-business owners. We caught up with the daughter of the group,

Biz Q&A: Coastal Companion Care

It’s no small secret that Southport and surrounding areas remain sought-after locales for retirees, while many residents who grew up here choose to stay and live out their lives along the coast. As we age, and pain or disability sets

Biz Q&A

This month we meet Missy Ronquillo, owner and resident artist of Pescado Y Amor, a colorful, sea-inspired studio and store in Oak Island. The studio often is home to Paint and Pour events, wherein folks can make their own masterpieces.

Cattail Cottage

Welcome to our new column, “Biz Q&A.” Each month, we’ll sit down with the owner of a local store or service provider to learn more about the businesses and people of our area. As keeping money local by patronizing our

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