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Paige Brown (left) and Melaney Robbins pose inside Color Me Carolina, an Oak Island shop for cute décor and more. Photo by Kris Beasley

Paige Brown (left) and Melaney Robbins pose inside Color Me Carolina, an Oak Island shop for cute décor and more. Photo by Kris Beasley

Perhaps the most welcoming sign on Oak Island for vacationing women is not the beach town’s welcome sign at all. Some of us would be willing to bet it’s the watercolor oyster painted in sea-friendly tones marked “Color Me Carolina.” After all, that sign is for one of the first shops folks encounter as they come over the bridge, and inside is some of the most adorable beach-inspired gifts, décor, clothing and more.

We had a chat with owner Paige Brown about her busy business and the inspiration to open her own shop. To learn more about Color Me Carolina, located at 300 Country Club Drive, call (910) 933-4531 or visit

Southport Magazine (SM): How did you get the idea for Color Me Carolina, and why do you enjoy owning a store, especially on Oak Island?
Paige Brown (PB): I had been doing custom napkins in my basement, and I had always wanted a gift shop. The tenants moved out of the building and the opportunity presented itself. My mother suggested the name; my father envisioned the screen printing and embroidery features of the business. My sister, Melaney, handles the advertising and promotion aspects of the gift shop. Color Me Carolina has something for everyone; local residents as well as visitors.

SM: How do you select what items to feature? What are a few of your favorite products or brands, and why?
PB: We purchase items that we feel would be of interest to our customer base. We also utilize our customers’ input as well as regional needs. Novo, Tervis, and Mangiacotti are three of our favorite products. [We go for] quality products that are made in the USA.

SM: What do you think sets Color Me Carolina apart from other stores in the area?
PB: Our custom designed items have been designed for us, as well as by us, and are only available at Color Me Carolina.

SM: What services do you offer that customers may not know about?
PB: We are able to custom design cards, invitations, announcements, etc., as well as personalizing sports bottles, tumblers, to name a few items. These are available through our Parparte and Inscribe software programs. Embroidery and silk-screen services are also available with a reasonable turn around time.

Favorite food: Steam pots

Favorite book:
“The Charm School” by Nelson DeMille

Favorite music: Country and beach music

Favorite place to travel: St. John, US Virgin Islands

Favorite thing about Oak Island: Sense of community

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