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Trax-to Go offers quick easy takeout in Oak Island

There are no railroad tracks on Oak Island, but there is a “station” to stop and get quick, tasty, to go, on your way thru- be it heading for work or home, the park, the beach, the boat, little league, soccer  games, or the backyard party.

Trax- to Go’s spelling is played off of train tracks. It is new to Oak Island and located at the corner of NE 48th Street and Oak Island Drive. The light grey building with the walk up window and is conveniently across from Middleton Park. It is uniquely distinguished by the huge authentic railroad crossing pole. Trax- to Go offers quick and easy take out fried fish, fried chicken, tasty hushpuppies and sides.

Opening in June of the year, Trax  is the brainchild of Blake and Robin Conklin. If you recognize the Conklin name, you most likely know it from Shagger Jacks Restaurant on Oak Island, at 8004 East Oak Island Drive. Blake and Robin opened Shagger Jacks in 2009, where the motto is, “you chill we grill”. The couple is now trying their hand at a new venture for the island. In the early stages, Robin asked Blake when he would have the time for something new -Blake equated it “to having a second child: you make the time.” Trax-to Go has been a glimmer in Blake’s eye for years. He has been scouting locations to find the right spot to house a friendly fast paced, easy pick up for good food. It looks like Shagger Jacks is a big brother!

 One might ask if Blake has a long history in the restaurant business, but the restaurant business came with the Conklin’s move from Greensboro, North Carolina to Oak Island. What Blake does have experience in is big business. He was head engineer in the apparel business and has worked with machine patterns, plants and facilities in commercial construction.

As Blake jokingly acknowledges he is a, self-described, “old corporate fart”. After the move to the coast, Blake “didn’t want to work for anybody but himself “.  With a background in engineering, Blake “loves to develop stuff- all the organizational structures”.

 “I get bored easily, so I’m always looking for the next gig” Blake Acknowledged. That mindset turned his interests to the daily functions of the restaurant business by building a business model to structure the operations of a restaurant.

Blake is quick to recognize the employees in the restaurant business, both front of house and back.  When referring to the success of Shagger Jacks, “it’s a great group of people that run it- a great team- that allows the restaurant to run itself”. Robin Conklin appreciates hard work. Chris Lail, has been the kitchen manager at Shagger Jacks for the last 5 years, and with the entrepreneurial spirit which Conklin thrives he invited Lail to go into business as part owner in Trax-to Go.  “We want to take something simple- and make it good” Blake explains. And good is fast and it is fried!

Trax-to Go has 25 items on the menu.  The menu is designed where you can pick and choose- checking off side boxes to build your meal. There are Chicken boxes with battered fried chicken, white meat or dark meat, wings, and chicken tenders. The fish boxes are your choice of one or two pieces of beer battered fried Alaskan white fish. All the boxes come with tater tots, hushpuppies and a side. The hushpuppies sound like a meal in themselves- a battered fried hushpuppy with creamed corn and jalapeno cheese, they do have a little kick. The fish and chicken are also available by loose and by the select piece making it easy to meet a variety of tastes and customizing your order: everyone in the family loves the leg? No problem- you can order as many legs as you want. Other sides include, potato salad, cole slaw, chips and a moon pie and Pepsi products.

The idea is “to keep it simple,” says Blake, “this is a family island, we want to provide easy, simple family meals where you can order, pick-up and be on your way in 15 minutes. Blake hopes the concept will appeal to residents, the work force and vacationers alike.

Next on Blake’s to do list is to get that functioning railroad pole operating, with bells and lights. He plans to install controls with a quarter slot, making it something of a show piece, and monies collected will be donated to an area nonprofit.

Trax-to Go is open 7 days a week, 11am to 9pm.  Located at the corner of OKI Dr. and NE 48th St. 910-250-1535 – check them out on Facebook

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