Greenlands Farm Celebrates its 4th Annual Fall Farm Fest






A Day Of Games, Beer, Food And Fun Out On The Farm


“It’s wonderful to wake up and enjoy all the farm has to offer. We live off our farm, I guess we ‘live what we sell’ (instead of practice what you preach), but many parts of this farm is a job for us, so you never really get away from work. Good food and drink as a reward does help though!” Maud Kelley, Manager

In case you are not familiar with Greenlands Farm, let’s begin with a brief history. Henry and Heather Burkert purchased the property in 2001 and started selling eggs and goats milk soap, about 4 years ago, out of their landscape architecture firm…which is now their store. In 2013, the Burkert’s daughter, Maud, and her husband, Ryan Kelley, moved from Charlotte with their daughter, Jules, to help grow and work on the farm. Since that time, the farm has grown into a full-circle system known as Homestead Farming. The Kelley family has grown as well to include a son named Rhett.

What exactly does Homestead Farming mean? Simply, it means practicing sustainability and self-sufficiency by producing products from and for the farm with skills and techniques that are sensitive to the environment, public health, the surrounding community and the animals living on the farm. Self-sufficiency means to rely only on yourself for food, water and products for daily life. This way of life is not easy…it takes dedication, time and work and there are items and services that the farm cannot produce or provide on their own so, they must purchase them from outside sources so, the Burkert family depends on donations and fundraisers to keep the admissions and operating costs down. The Fall Farm Fest is one of the biggest fundraising events held and almost all the proceeds from this event go towards helping the animals get through the winter, which is the most expensive time of the year to have farm animals

Everything in The Greenlands Farm Store including bread, veggies, creamery, baked goods, soap, canned goods, preserves, honey, cheeses, yogurts, body products, laundry soap and more are grown and made on the farm. The farm’s animals don’t perform as many traditional farm tasks, but many do attribute to the self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle. All of the farm’s animals are rescues except for the dairy goats, chickens and turkeys. The chickens are not eaten, they lay eggs used for baking, dining and are sold in the farm’s store. The goats are milked and the milk is pasteurized to drink, make yogurt and cheeses for the family. Goat’s milk is also used to make soaps, which is used on the farm as well as sold in the farm store. The pigs play a big role in the sustainable farm as well, they eat all the culls (vegetables not deemed perfect for selling), the trimmings from processed vegetables and any food that is past its prime. Nothing is wasted! Sheep can be used for wool and meat and the llama felt is used for teaching purposes only. The ponies and llamas both help out by giving rides, which help support the cost of feeding and caring for all the animals.

“I think we all could take more time for each other, furry friends and human friends alike. I always tell our tour group kids that visit the farm, ‘treat these animals the way you would want to be treated. No one likes to be poked, hit, or scared.’ And I feel that’s a good way to interact with humans too. You can’t go wrong with kindness.” Maud Kelley, Manager

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Farm Fest 2015 Activities:
Come on out for plenty of fun and music for the young and old alike. There will be opportunities to meet, learn from and interact with the rescued farm animals and plenty of seasonal activities, pony rides for the kids, llama cart rides for adults and kids, hayride/milking demos will take place throughout the day and a collection of tractors, old and new, will be shared by a few friends of Greenlands Farm

Contests :
Hot Pepper Eating Contest: $5 online, $6 at festival. Greenlands Farm proudly grows some of the hottest peppers around and will be holding their 3rd annual Hot Pepper Eating Contest. Winner takes half the pot of contest entry fees.

Special Guests :
Broomtail Brewery, of Wilmington, will be joining Greenlands Farm in a partnership beer, using Greenlands Farm’s lemon drop peppers called “Jus Sayin, Lemon Drop Hop”. The Imperial IPA gets a unique and spicy citrus flavor from the lemon drop peppers. Broomtail is barrel aging this beer and bringing the cask to serve it out of… You don’t want to miss a taste of this specialized and exclusive beer! Other great Broomtail beers will also be served at the Farm Fest along with a collection of fine wines.

The Bolivia Volunteer Fire Department will be a big part of the day again for enjoyable and up close communication with the firemen and their big trucks! The volunteer fire department stays involved in the community, does a wonderful job protecting the area and their dedication to Greenlands Farm is priceless. Plus, they’re bringing goodies for all the kids!

The Brunswick County Animal Protective Services will be out with an assortment of furry friends for everyone to meet and hopefully take home. Their goals are to create community partnerships to promote responsible pet ownership, decrease the overpopulation of domestic pets through spay-neuter programs and education and to find every adoptable dog or cat a perfect, loving home. You never know, you may just find your fur-ever friend!

Herb Harton, Wilmington, NC – Herb Harton has become a major part of many farm events. He is a retired motion picture camera operator who now spends his time performing and teaching guitar. He grew up in western NC during the birth of rock & roll, the rebirth of the blues and soaked up all the folk, country, and rhythm and blues songs he could get his hands on. His repertoire is a vast and eclectic mix of thousands of songs performed with a lively spirit and a powerful voice with an extensive range. Herb is often called a one-man band and I’ve been told that he is a walking history book of facts about the songs he performs and the artists who wrote them.

Chicken Poo Bingo! Put your money on those droppings while raising money and awareness for the rescued farm animals. Greenlands Farm is a farm animal sanctuary to rescued and donated farm animals used for educating the community on farm animals, rescues, and ownership. Show your support for the animals that provide educational experiences and positive, fulfilling relationship for us all. Chicken Poo Bingo will be played on October 10th and tickets are sold up until 1 hour before the Chicken is released to ‘start the game’. Spectators are encouraged and you don’t have to be present to win!

Tickets For Sale :
Purchase tickets at the event but its suggested to pre-purchase to avoid long lines. A majority of the event proceeds will go to support the rescued farm animals, hay for the winter, feed, animal care, and ongoing vet care.

•Pony Rides (according to weight, max weight 150lbs)
•Llama Cart Rides
•Hay Ride & Milking Demo
•Petting Farm Child & Adult Entry (2 Adults FREE per family, children under 1 year free)
Online: $4.50 each activity (includes tax, online fees apply). At Festival: $6.00 each activity (includes tax)

So, let’s meet at Greenlands Farm to celebrate homestead farming and the harvests of Fall. Follow & like the Facebook event to get the most updates on the Fall Farm Fest! And don’t forget to bring a chair!

“We look forward to another great festival for our community!” Maud Kelley, Manager

Greenlands Farm Fall Farm Fest 2015
Saturday, October 10th 2015 • 10AM to 3PM
668 Midway Road SE • Bolivia, NC 28422

Admission: Free

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