It’s Bowser Beer Time!!


Pour a bowl, for your best friend!


How many times have you settled down on the patio after a hard days work, to enjoy a nice cold beer? Now, how many times have you wished that Fido or Fluffy could join you? Dogs work hard, too.

They have tough days; maybe they were busy barking at the neighbors leaf blower or chasing the vacuum cleaner around the living room. They deserve to relax with a cold beer, too! Yes, you heard me right – Beer for dogs! Why not? They are a part of our families. For most of us, they are our best friends!

There is a company out of Seattle called 3 Busy Dogs and they make some tasty brew for our K-9 friends. It’s called Bowser Beer. There are three flavors to choose from: Beefy Brown Ale, Cock-a-Doo- dle Brew, and Porky Pug Porter. Yes, I’m serious. No, I’m not kidding…

I thought this was so interesting. I did some research because I don’t want to just give my best friends any ole thing… This is what I found – 3 Busy Dogs is a company that cares about our animals. They know what is good for them and what is not. Did you know that hops are toxic to dogs? Well, they do, so they don’t put hops, at all, in their beer. Also, they use only real USDA beef, chicken, or pork and no flavorings. They add malt barley (full of B-vitamins) for shiny coats and also add Glucosamine for joint health. They don’t add yeast, which causes the fermentation that creates the alcohol and carbonation. They also stay away from salt or onions that are normally found in processed broth. This is a good thing because, in case you didn’t know, onions are bad for dogs.


So while you may find it strange to give a dog some beer, this beer is good for Fido. It will keep him hydrated and make him feel special! And he can still walk a straight line! It is exactly what he deserves after an exhausting day of guarding the house from the mailman or gossiping with the other neighborhood pets about Fifi’s new haircut.

When you go on their website,, you will find the three different flavors to please your dogs discerning pallet (I use that word loosely). I enjoyed reading the descriptions of the different flavors. They definitely have a sense of humor! And get this – You can design your own labels! How cool would it be to have your own dog and own name on the label?? Imagine what a great gift it would be for the dog lover in your life. Admit it, we all know someone who would love this!!!

Now, I’m sure you can picture, having a Bowser Beer tasting is a little less stately than a champagne tasting. The participants are sloppy. The feedback is lacking. It takes an observant person to determine the results of the sampling. If we had to rank the results we would need to use a scale of 1 to 10; 1 equaling the clean water bowl in the kitchen (low) and 10 equaling the water in the flowerpot on the back deck (high). Every dog has his or her own preferences. The web site actually offers serving suggestions. Such as pouring it over dry food or freezing it into cubes, that the dogs can lick. The possibilities are endless and that is what I like best about Bowser Beer! It’s just one more way to thank our furry friends for always being there for us! Cheers to your best friend and mine!!


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