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Come show off your best golf swing at the Mayor’s Cup

STORY BY: Michayla Fullwood, Abbie Propst, and Rachel Van Noordt


The Mayor’s Cup Golf Tournament is a memorable tradition for the city of Boiling Spring Lakes. Over the years, the event has gradually blossomed into a special event for golfers all over the country.

What makes this tournament so successful is the small town atmosphere, a beautiful and challenging course, and the kind staff.

The golfer’s will start their rounds on August 22 with a 9:00 a.m. shotgun. The tournament takes place at The Lakes Country Club on South Shore Drive in Boiling Spring Lakes and the format of the play is “Scramble/Captain’s Choice” which is over 18 holes. There will be an entry fee of $50, which includes golf, beverages, lunch and prizes! There will be cash prizes and golf rounds awarded and the winning team will have their names added to the trophy that stays at the course for all to see.

We spoke with Commissioner Mary Stilwell about her involvement and love of the tournament. Commissioner Stilwell has been with the tournament since the start, when she chaired the Parks and Recreation Committee in 2000. She also was a part of breaking the committee into two, so that Special Events had just as much attention as Parks and Recreation.

In 2005, Stilwell worked with the current city manager Elly Johnson on creating the now “Mayor’s Cup”; Johnson actually donated the trophy that is given to the winning team.

“This event was growing by leaps and bounds. I would take a day and drive to every golf course down 17 to the South Carolina line and solicit golf packages for prizes. We had very little money so it was up to me to provide prizes. I depended on Steve White, owner of The Lakes, for his help with this growing event. He became as much a part of it as I was! I know it would not have been as successful if it were not for him” said Stilwell.  Local businesses have also become involved with the event by donating door prizes.

Stilwell considers the tournament more than just an event, but a get together that is filled with golfers from everywhere. “I have never played a game of golf but loved doing this tournament and working with the Lakes crowd and all those who came to join us. In 2014, I retired from Special Events after 14 years and became a Commissioner in this city I love. But the one event I miss the most is The Mayor’s Cup Golf Tournament.” said Stilwell.

For more information call the Lakes Country Club at (910) 845-2625

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    By: Rachel Van Noordt

    Rachel Van Noordt is a student at UNC Asheville. She is studying Mass Communications with a minor in New Media. She is still exploring the options within her major and hopes to learn more about herself through these experiences. Rachel is particularly fond of the warm, inviting atmosphere of this seaside town. The tea here is sweet, just like the community. Working with Southport Magazine has been the perfect blend of writing, photography, and communications for her to hone in on each of these skills. She feels lucky to have been an intern for a company that creates a new adventure for each day.

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