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Along the beaches and coastal towns in June, it’s not unusual to see cars loaded down with luggage, beach gear, bicycles and chairs. As an adult living in a coastal town I try not to obsess and lose my temper over the traffic and crowded ferry rides. Instead, I try to remember the excitement I felt when I was one of those kids; packed in the back seat of a car with my Mad Libs, pillow and snacks, asking “Are we there yet?”

My family took a vacation every summer to North Carolina. It was always a long drive and at the time, my Dad listened to a CB Radio to keep up on speed traps and other road issues. When I think back on it now it seems comical, but at the time it was torture to us kids. Our only saving grace was when we would convoy down with my Uncle and his family and the grown ups would let us talk on the ra- dio. “Breaker 1-9, this is the Silver Bullet, what’s your 20?” Our car was called the Silver Bullet because it was a silver Volk- swagen Rabbit (tiny car). Yep, and did I mention that there were 3 of us kids in the back seat? In spite of the tight quarters, my Father always made sure that our summer vacations were full of great memories.

It is no wonder that when we start- ed putting together this Vacation Issue we immediately thought of the movie “Vacation” where Chevy Chase takes his family on a cross-country drive to the Walley World theme park where it seems – anything that can go wrong, does! Clark’s intentions are always good. He just wants to his family to spend time together and have fun. It’s what any dad wants for his family when on vacation.

A special Thanks goes out to the stars on the front cover: Taylor Jolliff, Daisy (the dog), Leslie Foster, Missy and Ron Ronquillo, and of course Patrick Mc- Gowan, our photographer. This group of characters fit their role as the Griswolds perfectly when recreating the movie poster from the 1983 hit.

May all your summer vacations be full of fun and good memories this year. Also Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dad’s out there who are trying their best to give your families the trip of a lifetime! That is why we love you!!!

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