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Camellias are blooming in Southport’s Franklin Square Park. Photo by Bethany Turner

As the sun beams down to warm our upturned cheeks, our souls begin to stretch and move in the reprieve from winter. It’s as if recess has begun in our adult hearts—spring means the return of flowers, butterflies, and more tolerable boating. What is there not to celebrate about this season?

Camellias, unexpectedly for us, fought to make themselves the theme of this month’s issue. Peeking out in bountiful blooms in Franklin Square Park, the flowers arrive in perfect timing for Southport’s Spring Festival. The Kiwanis Club will be selling camellias, among other buds, trees and shrubs, during the event’s annual plant sale. Read more details about the festival here.

The flowering evergreens also display themselves in our March Homestyle feature (story here), as homeowner and landscape architect Roy Pender selected the plant to fit in with the natural environment.

And it’s true—there’s not much better than springtime in the South. Thus, local theatre companies are rejoicing with performances from below the Mason-Dixon line (story here). Likewise, Lowcountry cuisine graces our pages, as I chat with Executive Chef Stephen Phipps of Mr. P’s Bistro (story here).

We’re very excited to reveal our brand-new monthly Health column, scribed by local registered nurse Leslie Reschly (column here). Her fitness and overall wellness tips are not only informative—they’re inspiring!

Folks can also get out and about in the sunshine to help care for our coastline this month. The Town of Oak Island and the North Carolina Coastal Federation will be constructing oyster reefs on March 20th and 23rd, and they need help. Click here for details from staff writer Shannon Rae Gentry.

There’s lots more where these articles came from. Go on—take a look.

Wishing you a joyful spring,
Bethany Turner

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