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House Concerts Are Making A Comeback In A Big Way




How often do you hear that your neighbor is having a party and that there is going to be live music?

Not very often but that is changing right here in the Southport area.  The idea is not a new one but it is making a comeback in a strong way with Circle Entertainment and local promoter Ken Perrin. For over 19 years, Ken has produced mid level talent concerts from all over the country through a summer concert series in Oakland, Maryland.  His many connections bring in talent from locations like Nashville, Seattle, Austin, St. Augustine and from as far away as Canada.

The concept of a house concert is a simple one: Sign up to welcome touring artists into you home. Add great food and drink and listen to some great music. And, the best thing is that you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll have a good seat since the show is literally in your backyard.

Artists are paid for their performances by a donation of $30.00 per couple or $15.00 for a single seat.  Each couple or person is asked to bring a dish of food and your favorite beverage to the event.  It turns into a nice party with excellent live music from Singer/Songwriters hired by Circle Entertainment with an average attendance of 30-50 people.

The funds go toward paying the Artist and any remaining funds go to a local charity or food bank.  Artists usually stay overnight with the host homeowner or with Ken and gets treated to breakfast from Locals Restaurant in Southport.

Ken tries to produce several events per month from January thru October and also provides the sound system and folding chairs.

If you are interested in hosting an event, you need to have a nice sized living room, great room or other large space.  During the warmer months, the events can be held outside on patios, in gardens or poolside.  Another option to consider is hosting an event at your business.  Ken has produced events for local businesses such as:  Emmi Lu’s, Howe Outrageous, Grape and Ale, The Amuzu Theatre and The Lois Jane Inn. “Many events are now being hosted in the St. James area.  It’s really catching on in a big way there.” says Ken.

Each concert provides a wonderful option for hearing great live music and meeting others in our area.  The next concert Ken has booked is Thursday, August 6th. It features singer, Rebecca Loebe.  Loebe made it to the 3rd round finals of the TV series, The Voice.   If you are interested in attending a concert or hosting an event contact Ken at:

Do yourself a favor and reserve a seat at one of these shows. I’m sure you’ll become a fan and might decide to become a host yourself!


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