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The Annie Moses Band blends folk and classical music, and will bring its distinguishing sound to Odell Williamson Auditorium for a Christmas performance on December 4th. Courtesy photo

The Annie Moses Band blends folk and classical music, and will bring its distinguishing sound to Odell Williamson Auditorium for a Christmas performance on December 4th. Courtesy photo

The Christmas season is truly is one of the most wonderful times of the year in downtown Southport. Children are out of school, families are taking time off from work to spend time with one another, the streets are adorned with hues of reds and greens, holly and garland, and the joy and gaiety felt in the air could stop Mr. Grinch in his tracks.

As you are decorating your homes or walking through downtown in and out of stores and restaurants, you might find yourself in need of more music during this holiday season and catch yourself humming the carols of “Silver Bells,” “Silent Night,” and maybe even Shirley Temple’s colorful “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” Christmas time in Southport is magical, and the musical concerts lined up for this year’s holiday season are sure to warm hearts and delight the ears of all who attend.

Sea Notes Choral Society
“Season of Love”
Dec. 4th, 5th and 7th
Thurs-Fri, 7:30 p.m. • Sun., 3 p.m.
Hatch Auditorium
NC Baptist Assembly
100 Caswell Beach Rd., Oak Island

Organized in 1974,the Sea Notes Choral Society came together as a community chorus. Their first year as a group, they performed for the North Carolina Fourth of July Festival and at Christmas for the Southport Woman’s Club Holiday House. As the years went by, they were featured in programs such as the Pawley’s Island Autumn Music Festival. Participating in programs such as when the tragic events of September 11th occurred, as well as a two-day USO Show and World War II memorabilia display, the Sea Notes Choral Society believes in community and giving back.

For their holiday performance, the Sea Notes will be performing their concert entitled “Season of Love.” “This performance is about the story of Christmas that encompasses love and joy,” says Diane Kulp, Director of Sea Notes. “The music in our concert talks of love of many kinds; friends, family, faith and brotherhood are all a part of this year’s concert.”

Sea Notes is a group of 100-plus volunteers who love music and sharing their talents with the community. The theme of this year’s concert was decided by Kulp after she listened to Sea Note’s closing song “The Season of Love.” This year’s concert will have a collection of sacred and secular music to be enjoyed by all.
“We begin with a candle processional reminding us about the coming of the baby for which our Christmas celebrations of today are the foundation,” Kulp describes.
The chorale will sing classic carols that tell the Christmas story and sounds from the piano, organ, timpani, flute, clarinet, and xylophone can be heard throughout the performance along with many other percussion instruments. “The second part of the program will have the audience remembering the fun songs from the holiday seasons such as ‘Let it Snow,’ ‘My Favorite Things,’ ‘We Need a Little Christmas’ and ‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause,’ Kulp muses.

The Sea Notes Choral Society will be performing their beloved “Season of Love” concert at Hatch Auditorium at the NC Baptist Assembly on Oak Island. “I promise anyone that comes will leave remembering Christmas of years gone by and feel ready to feel the true spirit of the Seasons of Love,” Kulp assures.
There will be three chances to come and listen to the heavenly sounds on December 4th, 5th and 7th. And remember, all Sea Notes concerts are free.

Christmas with the Annie Moses Band
Thurs., Dec. 4th ∙ 7:30 p.m.
Odell Williamson Auditorium
50 College Rd., Bolivia

For over a decade, the Annie Moses Band has been giving jaw-dropping performances around the world with their distinguishing style of music. Their voice is part folk and part classical, but at the heart of the band you will find one constant sound that will always be forever—family.
The Annie Moses Band is made up of a musically diverse family that has performed at venues including the Grand Ole Opry and Carnegie Hall. Named after the members’ great-grandmother, the band began in 2001. Around four years of age, each sibling began lessons at Vanderbilt University’s School of Music in Nashville, and one by one their talents immersed.

The band includes Annie Wolaver-Dupre, a violinist, vocalist, wife and mother. Annie, a natural performer, excelled with music at a young age like all of the Wolaver children. Her joy of singing led her to create the Annie Moses Band with her family.
Next in line is Alex Wolaver who is the band’s chief musical producer. Alex is a self-taught professional musician who has had the opportunity to study with Grammy Award-winning producers and engineers. Benjamin Wolaver is the cellist of the family and an avid songwriter. He attended The Julliard School, and there he performed in many chamber music groups.

The next daughter in the band is Camille Wolaver who plays the piano and the harp. Grethcen Wolaver rounds up the daughters of Annie Moses Band and also plays the violin, mandolin, and the guitar. She has found a passion in songwriting as well.
The baby of the band is Jeremiah Wolaver, who made his first appearance in the band at the age of six. Jeremiah plays the electric guitar in the band and is a creative songwriter and vocalist.

Unveiling their talents in over 20 cities around the United States, the Annie Moses Band will venture to North Carolina and perform their Christmas concert that features renditions of traditional holiday music. The concert will showcase arrangements by the award-winning composer and songwriter Bill Wolaver, and father of the siblings, and Annie Wolaver-Dupre along with the talented multi-instrumentalist Wolaver siblings.
Listen for your holiday favorites as the band takes the strings, harps, and vocals to a whole new level. Be prepared for an overwhelming experience of high-energy talent, family bonds, and the magic of Christmas. The Annie Moses Band will be performing Thursday, December 4th at the Odell Williamson Auditorium in Bolivia. Tickets can be purchased by calling the box office at (910) 755-7416 or visiting www.etix.com.

A Viennese Christmas
Tues., Dec. 9th ∙ 7:30 p.m.
Odell Williamson Auditorium
150 College Rd., Bolivia

The Hollywood Orchestra, also known as “the Orchestra of the Stars,” was founded in 1999 by John and Judith Giattino. Both were producers at the time who made a significant name for themselves through tours of The Hollywood Orchestra at festivals and concert arenas across the United States and overseas.
During his astounding career as a producer, John Giattino has worked with amazing artists including Mantovani, Percy Faith, Henry Mancini, and Arthur Fielder, just to name a few.

The Hollywood Orchestra will perform traditional holiday music and Viennese tunes in 'A Viennese Christmas' at Odell Williamson Auditorium. Courtesy photo

The Hollywood Orchestra will perform traditional holiday music and Viennese tunes in ‘A Viennese Christmas’ at Odell Williamson Auditorium. Courtesy photo

The Hollywood Orchestra prides itself on its talented musical arrangements of current and classic movie themes. During a performance you can expect to hear music dating back to the ’30s and come all the way back to more modern music from movies such as “The Lion King.”
“A Viennese Christmas” has been touring for 18 years and will be making its way to North Carolina at the peak of the holiday season. The theme of the concert began as a tribute in the late 1990s to the annual gala performed in Vienna each New Year’s Eve. The music will be made up of classical holiday tunes as well as Viennese music.

Some of the performances that make up “A Viennese Christmas” include “A Carol Fest,” which is a vocal quartet of traditional melodies that bring admiration and excitement to songs such as “Wassail” and “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.” “Yuletide Favorites” include arrangements of seasonal songs that encompass the blending of voices with songs like “Little Drummer Boy.”
The Hollywood Orchestra will be performing Tuesday, December 9th at Odell Williamson Auditorium in Bolivia. Come and listen to some of the most talented artists and soloists perform. To purchase tickets please call the box office at (910) 755-7416 or at www.etix.com.

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