One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish, Go Fish

READER SUBMITTED: Tommy Scheetz of Southport lies beside a huge wahoo he caught this summer. Courtesy photo

READER SUBMITTED: Tommy Scheetz of Southport lies beside a huge wahoo he caught this summer. Courtesy photo

As the colder weather starts to show up, it makes us all feel good as the mornings are cool and crisp and we are all making plans to enjoy the beautiful weather. One thing that always makes me feel excited is the thought of a full day of fishing in the comfort of free air conditioning out on the boat or shoreline. The fish are feeling frisky as well and are working hard to fill themselves up for the winter ahead. This is great, because it means you will catch something if you just go fishing. The basics are in order now for catching fish.

Bait is easy at this point because almost anything you use will produce fish. Frozen bait is the easiest choice. Live bait is still great if you know exactly where to find it, but it is somewhat limited now. However, it’s still around. If you don’t know where to find it, some tackle shops might have finger mullets, but the mud minnows are available—and if you can locate live shrimp you’ll be the king for the day! Don’t worry though, just get some frozen shrimp, squid, mullet or worms and go fishing. You’ll catch anything from spots, croakers, red drum, flounder, grey trout, speckled trout, black drum, Virginia mullet and more.

The big question is where to go. Well, that is easily answered. Go where the fish are! Most of them are still where they’ve always been but many are moving toward the ocean or warmer water or the bait. There are lots of shrimp in the ocean right now, so that is the best choice at this point. Inlets are good and the oceanfront is also a great place. Fish near inlets first and work your way down the beach.

Remember to pay attention to the catch and size limits. Most fish have limits set so check before you go so you don’t get a ticket for a fish too small or for having too many. Make sure your fishing license is up to date as well.

It’s a great time to fish both inshore and offshore, so go if at all possible. If nothing else, you’ll enjoy a beautiful and comfortable day on the water.

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