Protectors of our Communities


Paying homage to our local Police Men andWomen


For the most part, we don’t often think about the Police until we are in need of help or their blue lights are flashing in our rear view mirror. But what would we do without the help of these unsung heroes?

It can’t be a fun job to be a Police Of- ficer. Think about all the unpleasantries you would have to endure. That is why we wanted to give a huge shout out and say, “THANK YOU!” to all our local law enforcement employees. We appreciate

all you do to keep us safe through out: Southport, Oak Island, Boiling Springs and St. James.

Please show your love and appreciation next time you see an Officer of the Law! We are lucky to have them!


Oak Island Police Department

Police Chief Greg Jordan


 Oak Island Police Department

Sgt. Paul Harris, Officer Clifton Nelson and Officer Tom O’Brien


Oak Island Police Department

Records Specialists Bob Pauley and Theresa Tickle


Boiling Springs Lakes Police Department

Chief Brad Shirley, Lieutenant Rick Spencer, Chaplain Lee Eiss, Corporal Kevin Smith, Patrol Windy Hager, Patrol Eric Maynes,
Patrol Kyle Leighton, Patrol John Hutt, Patrol Coleton Cyphers, Corporal Troy Baker. Not Pictured: Corporal Thomas Moore, Corporal John Thomas, Patol Kyle Pszczultkoski, Corporal Gary Rohauer and Administrative Assistant, Allison Scouler


Southport Police Department

Detective Kevin Long, Chief Gary Smith, Patrol Officer Brannon Gray and Patrol Officer Riley Ranson
Not pictured: 1st Sgt. Michael Simmons, Sgt. Paul DeMello, Corporal Anthony Bernard, Patrol Officer Corey Whitehead, Patrol Officer Nathaniel Taylor, Patrol Officer Jason Freeman and Part-Time Officers: Bradley Crooks, Ed Hutt and John Madden.

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