Reflections of Inner Health: What does your skin say about you?

Peruse any magazine and you cannot avoid the multiple advertisements for facial wrinkle products. In the age of injectable products for facial wrinkles including fillers and paralyzing medications which prevent muscle movement and therefore facial creases, European Touch Spa provides a holistic healthy alternative which is safe and effective plus relaxing and rejuvenating!

Holistic skin care products and practices utilize principles based on natural laws that the whole is a sum of its parts. Conversely, one part cannot function properly if the whole is not functioning properly. This is the area of skin care expertise practiced by the licensed estheticians, Irena Sedivy and Linda Lewis, at European Touch Green Spa located here in Southport. They note that treatment of skin, the largest organ of the body, must go deeper than the noninvasive treatments or products made with natural or organic ingredients. Although treating the skin as a separate unit from the whole might make short term improvements. They attest that without addressing the cause of the problem, true resolution will never occur.

Irena is a licensed esthetician formally trained in Europe but who also underwent training and licensing in the US. One look at her beautiful skin will make you a believer in all that she preaches! A facial in her relaxing sanctuary spa will transform your face and your mind. She focuses on the individual’s skin concerns, goals, skin care routine and products needed while maintaining it. “A person’s skin is a reflection of his or her inner health” therefore Irena looks at the whole package. Recently, I indulged in a facial experience unlike no other! I was most impressed with the time I spent in consultation and the gentleness of the process. European Spa offers many levels of facials which massage the face, neck, décolleté and extend to the arms and hands if desired. They also use Reiki, a technique for stress reduction and relaxation which promotes healing. Acupressure was a welcome benefit to my sinuses which were triggered by spring allergies. In addition, high frequency waves of energy were used to stimulate my skin to encourage collagen and elastic production based on my concerns related to aging and sun damage. This was all done in coordination with multiple layers of products applied specific to my skin issues in a relaxing environment.

During the process, Irena continually emphasized the need to be gentle and avoid pulling. She encouraged routine regular appointments customized to my particular needs. I found that the prescription medication I have been using may not be what I need at my age. While acknowledging the need for dermatologists, Irena was quick to point out that their medical training focuses on disease of the skin where as she is able to take the time with each person to get a much better picture of skin care needs and practices to prevent issues. I certainly found this to be true! Interestingly enough, she reported my skin showed “emotional stress” which was certainly true on that particular week!

I was very interested to hear of differences between our skin care practices in the USA compared to Europe. Irena was quick to point out that she was surprised to find products with so many chemicals in the US, as this is much different from Europe. European Spa carries several lines of products. Holistic products noted as natural and organic typically mean “sourced from all natural, organic, crueltyfree, wild crafted, sustainably grown/processed and often with vegan origins” yet this industry is not regulated by any government agency. Irena has chosen her products based on ingredients she feels are most effective. In search of the miracle solution, I was eager to purchase anything she suggested but was surprised when she only recommended that I try one particular product for now. This is in stark contrast to a previous experience I had at another spa where an entire product line was recommended at significant cost. In addition, I was surprised to learn that European women traditionally begin treatments with an esthetician at an earlier age than is typical in the USA.

I do suffer from small telangiectasia or cherry red molelike lesions on my chest and face. Linda, Irena’s equally beautiful daughter, provided me with Skin Classic treatment at a separate appointment that eradicated my issue using nonlaser, high frequency energy. This can also be used for skin tags, freckles, age spots and other minor skin lesions. The technique was gentle, painless and provided with care and concern. Being a health care professional, I am acutely aware of cleanliness and infection control measures, I was very impressed with the level of sanitation practiced by both estheticians.

Following my facial I felt a profound sense of rejuvenation and relaxation not only of my skin but my spirit. I truly felt I was leaving the sanctuary that they advertise on their web site Take the time for yourself and arrange a facial treatment at European Touch Spa! They offer natural nail care as well as esthetician services. They are located at 108 W. Owens St. #2 in Southport. Call today (910) 9060187 for a Holistic experience you will not regret.

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