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It was 27 years ago with a table at the Old City Market in historical Downtown Wilmington that ROPA was born. That same year, they quickly moved to a location on Front Street and nine years later opened a second location in Southport. What started as unique handcrafted items from around the world slowly evolved into the beautiful and sophisticated eclectic mix of goods and handpicked lines that are carried today.


Q: Bethany, How did your Mother, Arlene begin to choose the name?

A: The name comes from Bethany; ROPA means clothing in Spanish.


Q: The clothing in your boutique speaks to the well dressed, and style savvy buyer. What labels do you carry and what flies out the front door?

A: We carry Habitat, comfy USA, Alembika, cut loose, Wooden Ships, P.U.R.E., and Kleen. All are great sellers. That is why we have carried all of these lines for many years.


Q: You sell necklaces made with Murano glass beads. They are modern and fun! How do you choose your Jewelry?

A: We try to choose jewelry that is original, unusual and that pairs well with our style of clothing.


Q: Cozy, cashmere? Socks! Yum, I’m sold! How much?

A: Socks range from $15-25/pair–from crew to boot socks.


Q: What are the similarities or differences in inventorying, space and clientele between the Southport location and the Front Street Location?

A: Both locations have a unique but similar sophisticated look. Both stores cater to women who value style, comfort, and fit.


Q: Some of the jackets you carry have an asymmetrical cut. What body type do they flatter?

A: The asymmetrical cut is a current look that flatters most figures.


Q: Will you describe your typical customer?

A: Women who are active in their communities, extensive travelers, and are very social. She wants to be comfortable but always look stylish. She trusts ROPA to give her the personal attention required to always look her best.


Q: What would you say is the one, go to piece that flatters anyone who tries it on?

A: You can’t go wrong with a black V-neck tunic.


Q: Sell me the perfect outfit for the holidays! What would you recommend besides the usual “Little Black Dress?”

A: Anything from comfyUSA is edgy, artsy, and sophisticated and perfect for a holiday party.


Q: My mother is coming to town. I would describe her as Cosmopolitan and elegant. She is petite, blonde and favors classic, well-made clothes. How would you style her? (PS – She is 90 but looks and lives like she’s 75!)

A: I would put her in a crisp white blouse from Habitat with a Teresa Goodall vintage-beaded necklace and a Habitat travel pant.



FAVORITE FOOD: Bethany: French, Arlene: Italian

FAVORITE BOOK: City of Dreams by Beverly Swerling

FAVORITE MUSIC: Anything you can dance to



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