September 2013

As fall creeps in and summer makes its last impression, our coastal community shakes the dreary heat in style. Boating becomes a more enjoyable sport in fair-weather September, and to celebrate it, Southport will host its annual Wooden Boat Show on the 28th (page 5).

This month’s homestyle feature celebrates the life of a renowned local boating expert, Barry Adkins, the former owner of Blackbarry Marine. Though he passed away in June 2011, the home he forged as a boater’s haven along Davis Canal is a testament to his hard work and passion for the water. Really, who else has a granite fish-cleaning station on their dock? Flip to pages 23 through 25 to read Barry’s story, as told by his wife, Donna.

We’re bringing a brand-new column this edition, too. Page 21 houses our first ever Biz Q&A, a chat with Pamela Sexton, the owner of Cattail Cottage. Each month we’ll showcase a different retailer or service provider to introduce local business owners to our readers.

For me, each September carries with it the memory of America’s worst modern tragedy: 9/11. Though the pain and fear felt that day are still real in most of our hearts, it is an opportunity for us to recognize those emergency responders who keep us safe every day. On September 21st, Boiling Spring Lakes will host a memorial bike run to raise funds for the local police and fire departments. Details are on page 6.

The county will also shine this month with a focus on diversity with the annual Intercultural Festival (page 9), and foodies can delight in chocolate decadence at a gala fund-raiser for WAVES4K.I.D.S. (page 11). We hope you get to take part in at least one of these unique events, only here in our coastal community.

Happy September,
Bethany Turner

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