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Living aboard the EOS


Oak Island Residents, Steve and Robin Schuster have owned the Yacht EOS for eight years. It is a Carver 36 Aft Cabin, built in 1992. Steve who was previously the Town Manager of Topsail Island and North Topsail Island, bought the boat to live aboard during the work week.

“I had been renting a condominium at Topsail, but wanted to own something rather than rent.” Says Steve. “I looked around for a good sailboat to buy, but found that most sailboats I looked at were not tall enough to stand up in.” Steve stands 6 foot 4 inches and quickly ruled out sailboats because he didn’t want to have to walk about crouched over. He enlisted the help of a boat broker in Wrightsville Beach to help him find a boat that would work as a comfortable place to live. He located the boat at the Yacht Club, in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Steve and Robin drove down to take a look at it and bought it! The previous owner worked for the CIA and his son, who was in the Air Force, named the boat EOS, which means, New Dawn in Bosnian.

Once the paper work was complete, the broker flew Steve and a friend down to Hilton Head to pick up the boat and navigate it back to Topsail Island. “It was a great trip back up the Intracoastal Waterway. We went by Parris Island, Charleston Harbor, Isle of Palms, Georgetown, Myrtle Beach, Oak Island, Wrightsville Beach and finally Topsail Island.” It took them three days to complete the trip by boat from Hilton Head to Topsail.

Steve kept the boat at Harbour Village Mari- na in Hampstead, North Carolina. And for four years, he lived on the EOS Monday through Friday and would drive home to Oak Island on the weekends. He found that the cost of owning the boat, including the boat slip rental, insurance, fuel and maintenance, was less than what he would have paid, had he continued to rent a condominium.

The length of the EOS is 36.5 feet. Twin Crusader engines, approximately 700 horsepower. Both engines have less than 300 hours.

To enter the boat, you step on white platform that runs across the back of the boat, and climb up a small ladder, which enters onto the back deck. Steve reminisced that the deck was the perfect place to enjoy an evening cocktail after work. Robin likes to drink her morning coffee there and enjoy the breeze. The deck provides plenty of room for a small table and chairs. Robin has a small tree, which she decorates for the holidays! Too cute! The entire boat can be enclosed by plastic, zippered flaps that you can see through. You can roll them up to allow breeze to blow through, or keep them zipped up to stay dry and warm.

To the left, on the back deck, are stairs that lead to the upper deck and helm. The boats hosts twin helms, up an down, allowing two choices for navigation. The upper helm has a great view and an additional deck on the front of the boat. There is a large cushioned seat beside the Captains chair, which is perfect for visitors.

To enter the main living area of the boat, there are two double doors off of the back deck. Carpeted stairs lead down into the living room and lower helm. The living room has a nice big sectional sofa and a flat screen TV. And one of the best features that Steve found, was that the 14 foot beam allowed him to easily move around the interior of the boat without having to crouch down.

Just off the living room is the kitchen and dining area. I was very impressed with the size of the kitchen! The kitchen, which hosts a full size oven, sink and fridge, allowed Steve to cook and eat most of his meals on board. Across from the kitchen there is a dining area that can comfortably fit four people. I joked with Robin during the interview, “You could cook a Thanksgiving feast in this kitchen!”

Another appealing feature about the EOS is that you can walk freely around in the boat without the feeling that you are on a boat. There are two cabins and two bathrooms. The front bedroom is just off the kitchen. I took a picture of Robin enjoying a book, while she lounges on the bed. Two people could comfortably sleep in the front bedroom. And a bathroom conveniently separates the bedroom from the kitchen.

The Master bedroom is located in the rear of the boat. The bed is large enough for two people to sleep in comfortably. And there is room to walk around the bed, which is nice. “I soon found out that there is nothing as great as sleeping on a boat. It is great!” Steve explained. And just off the Master bedroom is the second bath, with a full size, stand up, shower. Another feature that sold Steve on the boat, as he was able to stand up in the shower. “Not too many boats offer a stand up shower!” he laughs.

I asked Steve if the EOS was hard to steer or maneuver and he said he enlisted the help of friend who knew what he was doing to show him how to navigate the boat. “If it is windy, you definitely need to know what you are doing.” The American Boating Association website offers lots of guidance for boat owners –

Currently the EOS is docked at the South Harbor Marina. The slip is located right beside Joseph’s Italian Bistro, which is a really nice perk! Steve says he hires J & J Diving to clean the bottom of the boat once a month.

Steve and Robin have decided to sell the EOS after much consideration. “It was a great four years and I hope the EOS will find a really nice new home.”


  • Carver 36 Aft Cabin
  • Length 36.5’ Feet Beam 14’
  • Low Hour Engines – Both less than 300 hours – Twin Crusader Engines – approximately 700 hp
  • Twin Cabins – Fore and Aft
  • Full Galley
  • Full Shower
  • Twin Helms – Up and Down
  • Stereo Sound System
  • Three A/C and Heat Units
  • Full Electronics package
  • New Pex Plumbing
  • Interior Remodeling and many upgrades



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