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4 movies for a spooky Halloween night



It Follows It follows movie photo

What is it? It’s the gift that keeps on giving that’s what it is. Small town college student Jay (Maika Monroe) decides that tonight is the night to take her relationship with Hugh (Jake Weary) to the next level. After some fun in the back of his car Jay finds herself strapped to a wheel chair in a deserted parking garage and the newest victim of a fatal curse. And the only way to get rid of said curse it is to pass it to another via intercourse.

“If you have sex you will get pregnant and die” – Coach Carr (Mean Girls 2004). We hear you Coach, we hear you.

The demon connected to this curse stalks its victims in different forms and creeps up on them in a very eerie manner… but of course… always walking.

It’s very slowbut it’s not dumb.””- Hugh.

Jay has trouble convincing her friends of this deadly curse but she needs them to help her get rid of this STD (sexually transmitted demon).

We did appreciate however that the director and writer seemed to keep the classic horror movie traits; not too much gore, slow walking stalker that always seems to catch up, good low fear triggering music, stupid plot line, ha. All in all we had a really fun time watching this 2014 horror flick.


Stonehearst Asylumstonehearst-asylum-poster

Recent college graduate Dr. Edward Newgate (Jim Sturgess) accepts a job working at a creepy mental institution. Dr. Edward is excited to learn from the current head doctor but quickly finds that the doctor’s ways of catering to his patient’s sicknesses are eccentric and unconventional. Little does Edward know there has recently been a change of staff and the doctor he is working beside isn’t really the doctors at all. Edward falls in love with one of his patients, Eliza (Kate Beckinsale) and she, reciprocating his attraction, helps Edward figure out just what is going on at Hearthstone. The new staff is quiet happy with the new order of things. The insane taking care of the insane- can this end well? Or will things end up in flames? Muahahaha.





Don’t BlinkPoster-Art-for-Dont-Blink

Ten friends decided to go on a getaway vacation to the mountains. These fools decide it is a good idea to travel to a secluded mountain resort with no gas and find themselves stranded and the place completely deserted. With no gas for a return trip they are forced to stay the night and try to figure out how to get help in the morning. Strange things start to occur and they notice that maybe this deserted resort wasn’t deserted for long- food on the table- clothes in the rooms, cleaning products leaving “help me” notes, ahhhh! The friends begin to investigate the place to try and figure out what happened to all the people and one by one they start to vanish! Where do they go? What is going on? All we know is… do not blink- but if you do don’t worry- you still won’t get it.


The Houses October BuiltThe houses October built photo

Do not watch this movie if you enjoy going to haunted houses, it will ruin it for you. “I’m working here as part of my community service”- not something you want to hear from an employee of a haunted house, yikes!

Did you know that there are haunted houses other than the ones set up in warehouses and advertised for during the Halloween season? Did you know that people actually die in those haunted houses? Did you know clowns are seriously not funny, like, at all?

The Houses October Built is Paranormal Activity meets haunted houses. 5 friends team up and set out in their RV to try and find the underground, blood-curdling legitimate haunted houses across the country for Halloween. Just as their search seems to reach a dead end and they are all over going to cheesy haunted houses two random strangers give them the inside scoop on how to find the rumored Blue Skull haunted house. Just ask for “giggles” they said- it’ll be fun they thought… Strange and disturbing things start happening and it becomes clear as the dirt begins to fall on their caskets that maybe they should of just left well enough alone and not have pissed off the clowns along the way.

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    By: Emily Klinefelter

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