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Readers send in photos of their furry friends

Each year we reach out to our readers asking them to send in theirpet photos for the January’s Pet issue. We chose one for

the cover, whichis always a very difficult decision! The handsome guy on this years coveris Biscuit Allgood. Proudly owned by Pamela Allgood of Southport NC. Shetold us that Biscuit enjoys his beach days on Oak Island. He sure looks likeit! What a snazzy fella!

We had over 50 submissions and we tried to publish all the pic- tures- apologies if we missed one! We would like to recognize some of therunners up for the cover shown on page 2. They are ArmaniMcGeever, a Greyhound rescued by Agnès McGeever and Sir Scout, a Chocolate Labpuppy from Southport proudly owned by Michael Trent & Shea Williams.

Thank you to all who participated. We hope you enjoy these- photos as much as we did!


Armani on the Beach Profile - AMcGeever

Sir Scout LeShea

Mr BoLisa Dimm ChippIMG_0591IMG_0084
Toby Two HoffmanSir Wellington poochpants KaplanPete

Barry Amersonuncorked pet




















Armani on the Beach - AMcGeeverAmigo MeidlAllison Poplin fbBayleeBennyBetsy Hoffman 3Betsy Pickard 1Bo and Rocket FaucetteBubbaCaptain Morgan pickarddakota farmerDemon Deacon Mo MeehanElli BrendleEllie Brendleelsa farmerFullSizeRender-1FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender1FullSizeRendersadieGina from lazy turtleHarley Lemons FenwayIMG_1254IMG_1381IMG_2582Irena 1Irena 2Irena 3Jo Tilghman fbJo Tilghman fb 2Liberty WrightLisa Dimm ReinaLrMobile2711-2015-063748824760259026lucy Watkins from pennyMac Meidl

photo image1 Widget FB blanket 971858_264809020326728_280002538_n




Maggie Louise HoffmanMatt & Gwen PikulmeeshasMilli and Mac MeidlMo Meehan Lucy LooemollyRebecca Jones HurleyVan noordt pet 2

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