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Check Six Brewery fast becoming a front-runner in the craft beer industry

Brunswick County’s very first craft brewery is the brainchild of Noah Goldman and Tim Hassel, home brewers turned commercial. Their shared love of beer was born in a garage almost ten years ago, and that love blossomed into the taproom that stands today; though, it seemed as though an opening date was far from achievable, their efforts have shown that this business is not one that will be kept down.

Joining the ranks alongside nearly 80 craft breweries in the state of North Carolina, Check six takes its name from aviation, an idea cultivated and solidified in our own Kitty Hawk. “Check your six” means to watch behind you and make sure an enemy plane isn’t coming up to attack; in craft beer, Hassel and Goldman have your back, and other craft breweries should watch for this underdog to become a front-runner.

There is something for everyone at Check Six Brewery, even the wine connoisseur in your group can be just as satisfied with the choices offered. The Staff is welcoming and the décor is polished with a touch of industrial. This could easily be your stop before dinner on date night or bring your own meal! They are food friendly!

Wright Flyer-
Cream Ale
ABV: 5.6%

What better homage to the Tar Heel state can this brewery give than naming a brew after Orville and Wilbur, the fathers of aviation as we know it? Pale straw with a dense, creamy head, this crowd-friendly beer opens with a “biscuity” body, ever-so-slightly hopped for a dash of complexity. Goldman and Hassel build their flavor to a crescendo, leaving us with a soft, sweet finish, perfect to down at the end of a sweltering summer’s day.

Hat in the Ring-
India Pale Ale
ABV: 8.0%

In honor of the first American squadron of fighter pilots in World War I, this amber beer doesn’t fail to live up to its namesake. Hopped with Cascade, Chinook, and Willamette hops, its bitter profile is balanced by a refreshing floral note. Combined with grapefruit and caramel tones through the middle thanks to the malty backbone, this brew will stand up to even the toughest beer critics at the backyard barbecue (and they’ll like it, too!).

Brass Ring
American Ale
ABV: 6.4%

If ever there were a gateway beer to welcome fresh faces to craft beer, this would be an excellent candidate. Its medium body is the perfect vehicle for both the caramel and light fruit tones to grace the palate. With a finish as crisp as the collar on freshly pressed dress blues, a slight sweetness can be found. Hassel tells us that the Brass Ring is an accolade received by those pilots who have completed a minimum of twenty years of service, an accolade he, too, holds.

Flying Circus
Coconut Hefeweizen
ABV: 5.2%

Pale straw and hazy, this beer greets the nose with sweet banana tones; the light, creamy mouthfeel gives way to an effervescent citrus note, calling to mind sandy beaches and crashing waves. This hit, named for the Red Baron’s colorful fleet, is graced with all-natural coconut flavor lacing the tongue after each delicious swig; despite the coconut title the nutty note mingles perfectly with the banana, a toasty characteristic ever so slightly present in the wake of each fruity mouthful. Check Six’s Southport taproom location proudly tapped a keg of this hefeweizen as its first light beer on tap, which was met with an undeniably positive response.

Pictured: Co-founder and head Brewer, Noah Goldman and Bar Manager, Josh Pittman from Check Six Brewing Company, 5130 Southport-Supply Rd., Southport, NC 28461 Phone. 910-477-9280

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