Top Shelf Treatments at Southport Massage

Top Shelf Treatments at Southport Massage
Say Goodbye To Your Stiff Necks, Aching Backs and Tired Feet
BY: leslie foster
Getting a massage has become pretty mainstream in the world today. One can virtually get a “walk-up” appointment in any mall in the country. Once considered a gift reserved for only special Occasions, massage is now a regular part of living a healthy lifestyle at any age.

Let’s face it, we are busy! We spend way to much time on our phones, our computers, in our cars and in front of the tv! Our lack of movement creates a whole host of issues in our bodies. From the ground up, and the neck down our muscles work overtime to support(literally!) our sedentary selves.
Logically, when we decide to add exercise into our routines those muscles have shortened are tight and cause us pain!
Often we reach for an OTC anti- inflammatory, take a hot bath and hope the pain goes away. Old School People! Muscles need to move freely to move well. They require lengthening (stretching) and a rich blood supply( circulation) as well as new muscle memory established so they stay loose and remain flexible.
The roadmap to wellness can depend greatly on massage. Owner, Jason Smith is truly a gifted therapist who knows how the muscular -skeletal system should work harmoniously together. He takes the time to meet with clients to understand their needs. During a treatment he will often refer to the specific muscles ( Latin origin)
That are the tight and knotted, using his knowledge and skill to release the tension, thereby releasing your pain.
In addition to massage Jason offers additional services, Infrared Sauna and copper-pot foot soaks which promote overall wellness and relaxation. Their attractive and well-stocked gift shop offers all-natural, home-made bath treatments that pamper the body and soothe the soul.
Pain is universal. But living with it doesn’t have to be. Our community is blessed to have an expert in massage therapy, conveniently located in downtown Southport. Jason Smith IS a healer. He is committed to his client’s wellness and release from pain.
Massage shops may be a dime a dozen, and some are better than others. But, if you or someone you know is in pain and seeks relief, make an appointment at Southport Massage. And if you just need to stop, reset and pamper yourself call Southport Massage. Hands down you’ll walk out a better version of yourself!
1. Tell our readers how Therapeutic massage differs from other types of massage.
Therapeutic massage is a term that describes a type of massage that helps relieve pain, reduce stress, and work on specific problem areas. These massages are also referred to as deep tissue, but therapeutic doesn’t always require deep pressure. I believe that a massage should move muscles to their full length so the muscles regain their strength in return reducing spasms, tightness and overall pain.
2. “It all begins with the feet.” Both pains and the relief from it, I’m told. Tell us about the Copper Pot foot soaks!
This treatment sounds both luxurious and therapeutic! Our feet carry us everywhere and have a demanding job. There are more than 7000 nerve endings in your feet that send messages throughout our body. Nourishing and taking care of our feet can help us stay healthy. The copper pots are used to provide an antimicrobial environment for our soaks; it also is an excellent heat conductor. Soaking in copper allows your body to absorb copper trace minerals which increases our feeling of calmness. Our soaks are created by an Aromatherapist, and utilize a combination of salts and essential oils that relax, calm and detoxify the body. We also provide heated herbal neck wraps during your soak that ease the mind and release muscle tension. We have a variety of soaks available including goat milk soaks, foaming botanicals, even a beer soak. Every foot soak is finished with an application of natural lotion and a dusting of our all natural powder to leave your feet feeling revitalized.
3. What is an Infrared Sauna? Benefits and pricing?
An infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses light to create heat which promotes a deep, healthy and natural detoxifying sweat. Sweating is one of the body’s safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health. Infrared wavelengths penetrate much deeper than traditional saunas allowing greater benefits. The wonderful benefits of an infrared sauna session include: detoxification, pain relief, relaxation, improved circulation, skin purification and weight loss. Sauna sessions are 30 minutes. A single session is $30 or we offer a package of 4 sessions for $100.
4. In your experience, what are the most common areas of injury, which in turn cause pain? And what is the process of care for your clients?
I have found the most common area for an injury is the shoulders. I find most people come to me with stiff and aggravated shoulders which in return cause neck pain an limited range of motion. This is always an adventure to find the source of pain with my clients and set their healing goals for care. With every client I see we set goals and work for them to go through their day with ease.
5. Jason, your reputation as a highly skilled massage therapist proceeds you! What factors led you into the profession, and subsequently, to open and operate your own business in Southport?
I’d have to say the biggest factor was years ago and is still today my lovely wife Stacy Smith. While on one of our crazy adventures in the car, we discussed our future plans and how to accomplish it. When the idea of owning a spa and me working toward becoming a massage therapist was even brought up we chuckled. I enjoyed giving my wife massages and using hot stones to relief her tension, she said I would be a wonderful massage therapist so we looked at school options and made the commitment to start my education. Then we looked at every option of how to build a massage business that would best serve peoples needs. As far as how I came to love what I do and grow every day, that is all thanks to my clients and their belief that massage is Therapy. It’s not always a soft relaxing hour that they need and my very active clients know and trust in me to keep them moving in the right directions. It feels amazing to know you are helping people feel better and enjoy life.
6. I’ve been told that you are able to improve a golfer’s swing by watching their range of motion as they swing the club. That’s impressive! Tell us more!
This is a fun topic for me because I enjoy teaching people about their bodies and watching them improve as they gain understanding of what muscles are responsible for the movements. When we are active, our muscles build a form, a kind of memory from either injuries or lifestyle factors. This is always present in how we move. So when working with someone I always set a way to see progress and this particular method is one where we will set a starting swing. Then as we move through the massage goals we will keep a close eye on where we turn and align their body in reference to the golf ball. Then this is where we will begin to look at the form and rotation of the arms. Last thing we pay a lot of attention is the distribution of weight before and after the swing. Then we move their muscles and muscle groups so they achieve the full range of motion. This will help improve their swing and overall enjoyment of the game.

7. True or False: Do shoes/sandals and bare feet really affect other parts of our bodies? And if so, how can ladies stay stylish and remain pain free?
True: We are always on our feet so the type of shoes and support will affect the how we stand and walk. A lot of sandals and flip flops provide no arch support which cause soreness in the foot and ankle and can even lead to more serious issues like plantar fasciitis. If our feet and ankles are having issues this can also affect our hips and low back resulting in pain and stiffness. I would do some research and find a sandal or flip flop that provides arch support and cushion. Remember a relaxing copper pot foot soak can keep your feet happy and looking great all season long.
8. If I were to give a gift certificate to a friend from Southport massage, which products or service would recommend? I have $100 to spend.
I would recommend a 60 minute therapeutic massage. They can always use the remaining balance to purchase a take home gift from Body & Sole such as, botanical bath tea, to complete their day of relaxation.
9. Is your wife involved in the business? If so, what is her role?
Yes, she is the co-owner and business partner. Stacy is also a certified Aromatherapist. She handcrafts natural body and bath products. She also formulates all of our foot soak recipes and scrubs used in our copper pot soaks. You can purchase all of her wonderful Body & Sole products including lotions, powders, soap, bath teas, and natural bug repellents here at the retreat.
10. Tell us about the services you provide, the best way to make an appointment and your plans for the future!
Southport Massage & Foot Retreat offers a variety of massages to meet everyone’s needs. We also have the copper pot foot soaks, infrared sauna room, and the Body & Sole body and bath products. You can call our office to schedule your appointment 910-363-4639 or book online from our website
Our future plans include offering reflexology, medi-cupping therapy and listening to our clients to see what new therapies they would like to have available as we continue to grow.

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