Women Anglers in Training


Mermaids aren’t the only women on the water Thanks to W.A.I.T.


Statistics show that the number of fisherwomen out on the water or the piers is dramatically less then the number of fishermen. Chances are many women like to fish but might lack the knowledge needed to go it alone.

The Oak Island Parks and Recreation De- partment saw a need and they developed the Women Anglers in Training Program, or W.A.I.T., for short. The two day fishing seminar, April 30-May 1, is just for women. W.A.I.T. is designed to help women be- come more experienced anglers in just one weekend! Even if you’ve never fished before, W.A.I.T. offers training and hands-on experi- ence to learn how to fish, and a chance to go fishing on the water! They offer a stress free environment where women can experience the excitement of learning to fish and all the skills involved without the impatient husband or boyfriend looking over her shoulder every minute. Imagine no one scoffing because you don’t know the difference between a leader and a lure!

W.A.I.T. is scheduled for Saturday, April 30th and Sunday, May 1st on Oak Island. Saturday will be a day of hands-on classroom instruction at the Oak Island Recreation De- partment and Sunday will be a fishing ex- cursion to Oak Island Pier or out on private charters for practicing Saturday’s lessons and some on-the-job experience.

Here is what you can expect at W.A.I.T.:


All classes will be held at the Oak Island Recreation Center and will be a “class- room” type setting. The day begins at 9am and will conclude about 4pm. Lunch will be provided.

All Participants:

Introduction to knots, tackle, rigging, and fishing terms.

  • Flounder Fishing
  • Bottom Fishing
  • Drum Fishing
  • All about cast netsAdvanced Classroom:
  • Near shore trolling
  •  Using live bait
  • Hands on knots/ tying rigs
  • Hands on baiting a treble hook, circle hook, etc
  • Chumming techniques


    Option One:

    • Pier Fishing at Oak Island Pier Participants will meet at 9 a.m. at the en- trance of Oak Island Pier. Rods/ reels and bait, and instruction will be provided. Oak Island Pier offers a relaxed setting, with a super bait/tackle shop and grill.

    Option Two:

    • Backwater Fishing
    Meet at 8 a.m. – Space limited! Backwater Fishing with a local fisherman.
    This year they have arranged for local captains to take you backwater fishing. You will fish for species such as; flounder, trout, and drum. Boats are 17ft.-36ft. and will carry 2-6 persons. You will be fishing in areas such as the intra-coastal waterway, canals, near -ocean, and wetland areas. You will experience first hand rigging, us- ing live baits, casting, catching, etc. Bag lunches will be provided on the boat.

    There are two W.A.I.T. options:

    • Option One—$49.00
    Day of instruction and day of fun at Oak Island Pier.
    Option Two—$139.00

    Day of instruction and fishing trip with local fisherman.

    Both options include lunch both days, participant goodie bag, and drawing for many door prizes.


    Registration will take place through Oak Island Parks & Recreation Department at: www.oakislandpiertournament.com/WAIT. html, call 910-278-5518/278-4747 or

    At Oak Island Parks & Recreation 3101 E Oak Island Dr, Oak Island, NC


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