Kai Joe’s – You Won’t Leave Hungry!

You Won’t Leave Hungry!
Bring your sandy toes down to Kai Joe’s.
STORY BY: Alyssa Crouson
Kai Joe’s has a friendly and refreshing atmosphere that envelops you the moment you get out of your car. They have an outdoor eating area that is nothing less than charming, and the servers are cheerful and polite, making the visit more than worth it. There is a conveniently fresh selection of tacos, burritos, nachos and more delightful treats that you can eat there or take to go.

The location is perfect!
The local feel allows your time there to feel homey and welcoming. You will find them at 4722 E Oak Island Dr. Dropping by for a bite to eat after a day at the beach is almost too easy considering the beach is just a few minutes away. Their outdoor seating allows the sandiest of people to sit and enjoy a Hawaiian-inspired meal.
The decor is a garden-style area with a few picnic tables and other smaller tables, with potted plants, flowers and bug-spray bottles to protect their customers from bugs. This is a convenient idea that I have never seen before. Cute, colorful round chairs circle a smaller table bringing the space together. The decor is Hispanic-themed with cacti and skulls.
Tacos, burritos, nachos and more!
A wide selection is offered at Kai Joe’s, from tacos and burritos to nachos and all the way around to fried green tomatoes and fried pickles. There is a little something for every kind of eater. The produce is fresh and from other local businesses. The menu changes sometimes by season and what is fresh at the time. Austin makes all of the sauces and salsa from scratch, and the tacos are cooked to order. The owner’s favorites are Bubba’s Nachos because of the large quantity and diversity of ingredients.
They have specials changing every week!
This week they offer 2 shrimp tacos with lettuce, cheese and your choice of beans or salad, all for $11. Their most popular item is the “Big Momma” burrito that has lettuce, pico de gallo, black beans, rice and your choice of meat. It is definitely called a Big Momma for a reason. It is half a pound, and you must come here with a big appetite to be able to finish it on your own. When I went, I ordered a Big Momma. I had to take half of it home with me because there was so much food. I didn’t mind taking some home because I could eat it again for lunch the next day.
Taco Tuesday is always a great day to stop by. Every Tuesday they serve $2 tacos, making this specific day of the week extra busy. The prices of their food is reasonable, and it ranges from $3-$14.
Kai by the sea.
I loved getting to know about the owners, Alexis and Austin. They have always wanted to open a restaurant and it seemed to have always been their dream. Austin grew up here in North
Carolina, and when his sister moved to Hawaii, Alexis and Austin followed. They both loved Hawaii and the love they had for that place inspired their food and their son’s name, Kai Joseph. The word kai means “the sea” in Hawaiian, and many of Austin’s creations are influenced by the cooking in Hawaii. After 2 years, they returned here and dove head-first into starting up a business. They had tried other jobs before, but nothing was as satisfying as cooking. This truly is something they love to do, and they’re very good at it.
A passion for the restaurant business.
Their passion for the restaurant business and cooking is inspiring; they started it all by themselves and just took off running with their dream to have their “own little place”. Tacos and burritos were not something they had thought of before, but there is nothing quite like them in the area. Tacos seemed to be a type of food they can mix up and add their own fresh twist to.
Everything was put on the line for this restaurant, and they have worked very hard to accomplish their big dream. They opened in December of 2016 and have high hopes for the future. They stay busy throughout the day and are open from 8am to 8pm Monday through Saturday and from 11am-8pm on Sunday. They aspire to one day have an inside, sit-down place. Once this location kicks off, they hope to open another location, but they would make sure that it was still family oriented, located on the east coast and also near the beach.
This lovely establishment is a great addition to the island and an amazing inclusion to the community. Come visit Kai Joe’s and experience the best burritos and the nicest people in town!
For more information visit their Facebook, Kai Joe’s or call them at (910) 622-1509.

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