December 2015 – Letter from the Editor


As I sit down to write this letter I have an overwhelming desire to say so many things! With the end of the calendar year looming before me there is this little voice in my head saying, ”speak now or forever hold your peace”. Wrong occasion I know, but that’s how it feels! I just want to be able to wrap up this year neatly and tie it with a bright red bow! Then a phrase came to mind, “Glad tidings we bring to you and your kin; glad tidings for Christmas and a happy New Year!” Glad tidings are small but say so much!

Merry Christmas! With just these two words I can convey so many feelings. Love, joy, happiness, faithfulness, caring, warmth, togetherness, peace, thankfulness; these thoughts are neatly wrapped up in one simple comment. Whether in a card, on a sign, spoken on the phone or in greeting a neighbor, there is a universal feeling that accompanies this greeting. It’s sincere and heart felt. It’s intent is always to bring good will. And I can’t help but love a season that conveys these feelings in every twinkle, sparkle, jingle, and peppermint flavored treat!

Happy New Year! Is another phrase that packs a big punch! These three words carry many meanings as well. Hope, good fortune, happiness, love, new beginnings can all be felt as we shout out at midnight on December 31st. Friends and family celebrate accomplishments of the past and dream of goals for the future. The possibilities seem endless, as endless as our list of resolutions….

Thank you! This is my favorite little phrase. It is versatile, universal and can be used all year long! With these two small words you can share your gratitude with anyone. It brings with it feelings of love, trust, caring, understanding, and sincerity. It is one of few phrases that cannot be over used.

This is a season of little words with very big meanings! I bring you glad tidings of joy from all of us at Southport Magazine

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Thank You!

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