Most of my childhood summer vacations began with a long drive! We lived in Ohio and New Jersey and my folks would pack up my brother, sister and I and we would make the long haul to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Most years we would meet up with my father’s side of the family to spend time with our cousins whom we didn’t see very often. As a result, my definition of a vacation grew to always include my whole family.

Many years later, now that I am adult with my own kids, the OBX is still the destination of choice for our family. It gives me great joy to see our children and their cousins connecting the same we did so many years ago! It is my favorite place on this earth because of its beauty and the way it touches me emotionally; The weathered wood decks, sand dunes and my love for the most important people in my life.

When we can’t getaway to the OBX, we gather at our Mother’s cozy house in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Her backyard is the perfect place for bird watching and reminiscing about the past and just laughing. Many people go on vacations to exotic ports of call or fabulous cities overflowing with culture and experiences, I prefer to be wherever my family is, even if it’s just Pittsboro, NC!

We all decompress and relax in different ways and vacations can be simple or exotic. I have a friend that goes to a new country every year to experience new customs and food. I have another friend that goes on a cruise every spring for the sun and relaxing beaches. Vacations are what we make of them no matter where we go.

In this issue staff writer, Lisa P. Stites shares a few of her favorite family vacations. She has great inside information if you are starting to plan your summer vacations. Staff writer, Rebecca Jones shares a story about a road trip with her daughter and tempts your taste buds with a look at the Southport Smoke House. You will also want to mark your calendar for the First Annual Southport Songwriter Festival on June 19th-June 21st. Southport has lots going on this month and you will find out everything you need in this issue!

Enjoy your summer – remember to stay safe and wear your sunblock!!! JEN

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