Motherhood and Wine
I poured myself a glass of wine and sat down to go through the day’s mail. I noticed an ad that mentioned Mother’s Day. I started to reflect on how incredibly wonderful it is to be a mother. I also started to think about what a challenge it is. Then I raised my glass and smiled. This is why…

Being a Mom is something I always wanted to be for as long as I can remember.
If there was a baby around, I was holding him or her and simply in heaven just to have the little bundle in my arms. Most times the little bundle was sleeping. Fast forward several years… I married and my mommy dream came true. A girl and two boys in five years. They weren’t always sleeping and calm and cute and loving. Sometimes they were screaming and mad and dirty and weren’t very loving OR lovable. What does one do to deal with ups and downs of motherhood?

I was voicing my mommy frustration at a doctor’s appointment and my doctor mentioned winding down at the end of the day with a glass of wine. Hmmm, okay. That’s doable! So I get myself a bottle of wine. I get my three littles all tucked safely into bed that night and I pour myself a glass of wine. Oh my! This feels really adult! I began to breathe more evenly and simply relax. I don’t remember if the wine was red or white. I don’t remember if it was a Chardonnay or a Cabernet but I do remember that I was on to something and this doctor was a genius! And no worries… it was only a single glass. I was aware that I needed to keep my wits about me for waking babes in the night.

I’d drank wine before but never really thought much of it. I was more of a beer drinker and for the past several years, not much of a drinker at all. 3 babies in 5 years meant I was either pregnant or nursing a baby and alcohol was out. But that glass of wine… it allowed me a window of time to let go of whatever frustrations I had encountered during the day and to reflect on everything I had to be grateful for. It was a way for my husband and me to reconnect at the end of a long day. Thus begins my appreciation of wine, a “relationship”. That simple, delicious, beautiful glass of wine was going to make me a better parent, a better spouse! Okay, well, maybe that’s stretching it a tad.

It is now many years later. Those sweet babes are now grown. I’m a Nana to three beautiful little girls. Throughout the years the challenges became fewer as we all aged and matured (yes, me too!). I haven’t given up the wine. It’s become sort of revered. It’s never stopped being something that can bring a sense of calm at the end of the day.

To all you Moms out there… Cheers! Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’ Day Wines
By Paul Wasserman

Suggesting wines for Mother’s Day, despite all of the possibilities at Uncorked by the Sea, was quite easy. I simply selected a group of wines I would offer my Mom were she still with me.

First I would offer a toast of Saint-Hilare Brut 2012. This sparkling wine is bright and fresh with a racy crispness. It was first made 450 years ago by Benedictine Monks, more than 100 years before the first Champagne was created.

The second suggestion is Caves D’Esclans “Whispering Angel” Rose 2014. A traditional Provencal blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault. The name alone makes this a great Mothers’ Day wine. Minimal skin contact creates pretty pink wine with notes of fresh strawberry and peach. Whispering Angel is a fresh and supple wine, classy and rich with hints of Thyme and strawberry.

The next wine of the Mother’s Day group is Chateau D’Epire Savennieres 2013. This wine is 100% Chenin Blanc and shows concentrated aromas of fruit and mineral as well as a floral hint on the nose. The palate is crisp and clean, carrying some of the same notes as the nose. Crisp, bright and refreshing, this dry Chenin Blanc can be enjoyed with light dishes, shellfish and other seafood.

For red wine, the first selection is Adelsheim Pinot Noir 2012. A versatile wine suited to a variety of dishes. As a family winery their first vintage was in 1979. Annually Adelsheim produces benchmark Willamette Pinot Noir.
The 2012 shows luscious fruit, red and black. It is an elegant Pinot Noir with fine balance and a long finish.

I included Mas Des Dames ”la dame” 2012 because the name translates as “Farm of Ladies”. It is owned and farmed by a mother and her three daughters. This is from Languedoc, France and is a blend of Grenache Syrah and Carignan. It shows bright fresh fruit of Grenache with hints of spice and pepper from the Syrah and a mineral touch from the Carignan.

Finally, Justin Cabernet Sauvignon 2012. Justin was first planted in 1981 in Paso Robles, a time when few people even knew where Paso was. The goal from the beginning was to produce elegant Bordeaux style wines. This 2012, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, demonstrates success. The aromas are a complex mix of black currant, cherries and vanilla with hints of cedar and licorice. The palate has medium weight and shows the dark fruits up front. These are followed by cedar and black tea. A smooth long finish completes this Mothers’ Day selection. It is appropriate for a bold meal or perhaps a chocolate dessert offering.


  1. Rhonda! What an awesome and touching article!! Knowing you, makes it all that much better–but even if I didn’t know you–I could totally relate!! Hugs and congrats on the article and the wonderful wine shop!! Love, Kate

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